5 Tips to Avoid Body Ache in Winters

5 Tips to Avoid Body Ache in Winters

Body ache is one of the most common problems during the winter season. This is because a drop in temperature can reduce the blood circulation to different parts of our body, making our joints less flexible and causing stiffness and pain. Moreover, the cold weather can also make people more lazy and decrease their body movement, which may further worsen the problem, especially for patients suffering from orthopaedic problems.

Therefore, as suggested by medical experts from the pharma industry in India, here are some useful tips that can help people avoid body ache problems in winters:

1. Regular exercise

Indulging in regular exercise is a great way of keeping your body moving and avoiding body ache problems. A healthy exercising regime will help maintain flexibility in your joints and keep pain and stiffness at bay.

2. Increase your intake of calcium

Ensuring adequate intake of calcium can improve your bone health and keep you protected from bone-related health issues. During winters, you should also consume sufficient vitamin D as it can boost calcium absorption from the diet consumed. Dairy products, green leafy vegetables, etc. are some of the best sources of calcium you can consume.

3. Stay hydrated

While it is natural to feel less thirsty during the winter season, staying well hydrated is still extremely important. Adequate consumption of water ensures that the cartilage between the joints remains smooth and you’re able to move around without any pain or stiffness.

4. Stop smoking

Everyone knows that smoking is injurious to health. However, not many people are aware of the fact that smoking can lower bone density and increase one’s chances of developing joint and bone-related problems. Therefore, quit smoking today to lead a long and healthy life.

5. Add turmeric and cinnamon to your diet

Both turmeric and cinnamon are anti-inflammatory in nature and loaded with medicinal properties. You should include both these ingredients in your daily diet, especially during winters. Consuming a hot cup of turmeric milk or cinnamon tea will not only provide you several health benefits but also keep you warm and comfortable during the cold weather.

Following these basic healthy tips will keep your body ache problems at bay and allow you to enjoy the winter season to the fullest. In case you feel persistent pain, it is advisable that you consult your doctor at the earliest and take prescribed medicines and other pharmaceutical products manufactured by the top pharma companies.

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