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Mankind Reponses to COVID-19

Entry Exit Policy for- Employees, Visitors & Auditors

Employee Safety & COVID-19 Protocol Guidelines

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

PM & CM Care Fund & Other Donations

Award & Recognition

Business Continuity

Business Continuity- organizations are facing unprecedented times as the measures being deployed to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) are impacting capital markets, supply chains, and business operations. The uncertainties of the current environment serve as a powerful reminder to senior decision-makers of the need for risk management and crisis planning.

During times of crisis, business operations the intelligence engine of an organization—are more important than ever. Business continuity and disaster recovery plans are being tested by rapidly evolving challenges, such as travel restrictions, and as large-scale remote working becomes a reality.

Mankind Identified priority processes and established a Command Centre. COVID-19 scenario had presented new challenges and made everyone rethink and learn new ways of doing things/ carry out tasks which led to various unprecedented challenges in every sector and at every level. Every organization across the country went through a turmoil across the hierarchy, be it a resource focusing on execution of task to a senior member developing the business strategy of the organization. This is where the leadership roles transformed further with focus on manuring the organization through crisis and disruption.

Mankind Pharma under the supervision of resilient & agile leadership team is fighting back this pandemic. We were proactive in our approach in 2020 itself and created a COVID-19 protected environment across mankind. 

The Leadership is crisis was not restricted only to the business Operation, but once our house was in order, we ware empathetic towards the society and gave back the society in whichever way we could, be it providing support to the needy, helping the government in mass initiatives of social causes. this definitely would not have been possible without the wholehearted participation of the organization and its people.

All these initiatives involve Mankind leadership in crisis for being a step ahead of the others in the pack. This was systematic step-by-step approach to maintain the business continuity keeping in mind & employee protection.

Formation of Antivirus Task Force (AVTF)

“Anti-Virus Task Force” were formed to protect the employees and their families, whereby COVID-19 preventive guidelines were created and cascaded across the employees.

To maintain the strict implementation of COVID-19 Policy, every plant nominated 4 employees as members of Task Force/Agent to track all the incidents, processes & monitored the COVID-19 Policy implementation across the plant.

An Incident report form is created to document all instances where aberration is observed against the COVID-19 Policy. Two resources are appointed as agents who monitor and record the incidents where the policy has not been adhered. These agents report directly to HO HR. Keeping COVID-19 pandemic current situation in mind and to ensure strict implementation of COVID-19 Policy in all Plants, we are implementing this Incident governance process.

  • Antivirus Task Force Members are authorized to physically move in any area within the plant & can check all the records of security gate, hygiene condition, Housekeeping , sanitization of transport vehicle, workstation, stair case, gates, & individual etc.
  • Can randomly check organization & individual health
  • They can check all processes related to COVID-19 policy including; social distancing norms, vendor management, gowning policy, PPE gears and others.
  • They can inspect all rooms, canteen, training/meeting rooms at any point of time.
  • They can restrict the entry of any suspected employee, vendor or labor and inform HO on immediate basis.
  • They can check all transport vehicles, driver/cleaner health record & sanitization report of transport & material vehicles.
  • ATVF Members can arrange awareness session for all employees & can take corrective action at any point of time.
  • Other agents have to monitor the activity through CCTV. Strict vigilance at all times & monitoring the ongoing processes related to COVID-19 policy.
  • If they find any person ill, coughing, sneezing or having fever, they can immediately contact  Local Plant HR/Administration (Mankind) &  can also directly contact Pathkind Lab.
  • If they find any employee showing symptoms of Covid 19, they can immediately send him/her to Isolation/Emergency Room and perform all procedure like sanitization, cleaning, & plant /area closure.
  • They can check & verify the employee’s & vendor’s self-declaration form & can take immediate action if they feel the information is not appropriate.

Formation of Quick Response Task Force

The Mankind Management has set up a Quick Response Task Force (QRTF) for each Mankind & Associate Plant. This will ensure better assistance to employees during the ongoing COVID-19 emergency situations.

Each QRTF will function under the respective Site HR /Admin which will in turn works under the HO HR/Admin. The main task of the QRTFs will be to plunge into immediate action as soon as a distress alert is sounded by an employee, their family or any other emergency situation that occurs due to Covid or medical reason.

There are 3-4 resources appointed as task force members/agents who will monitor and record medical condition of Employees & their family members. These resources will report directly to HO HR keeping COVID-19 pandemic current situation in mind and to ensure strict implementation of COVID-19 Policy/ guidelines along with QRTF objective in all Plants. The objective of the Task Force is to also ensure:

  • Continuity of care for the people we support – Our employees & their family.
  • Promoting the ongoing health and wellbeing of our employees & their family members.
Quick Response Task Force: Roles & Responsibility
  • Each Plant has to nominate 4 persons as QRTF Members:
    • 2 for monitoring the employees & their family’s health, documentation, patient MIS
    • 2 will coordinate with HO & Medical response Support team to provide the medical support during emergency time.
  • These members will work in shift or will work round the clock to provide the best medical support to our employees. - Identification of patients at risk
  • These Members will ensure emergency assistance equipment reaches the patient.
  • Directing and coordinating activities and treatment needed when providing emergency assistance.
  • Authorizing intra- and inter-hospital transfer decisions and engaging other clinicians as required which includes conducting the online consultation with Doctor’s as and when it is required under the guidance of HO Team.
  • Monitoring the health of the patients admitted in the hospital by connecting with the family members/ doctors etc.
  • Evaluate the Severity, Potential Impact, Safety Concerns, and Response Requirements based on the initial information provided by the First Person On-Scene
  • QRTF can arrange awareness session for all employees & can take corrective action at any point of time with due approval from Plant administration & HO.
  • Need to be vigilant at all times & monitor the ongoing processes related to COVID-19 policy.
  • QRTF can arrange Test from Pathkind Lab in all location-
  • If the members find any suspected COVID-19 positive employee, then immediately send him/her to Isolation/Emergency Room and perform all procedure like sanitization, cleaning, & plant /area closure.

Plant Zoning

Mankind Pharma is the first among the other Pharma companies to implement  Plant Zoning Policy across the plants:

A zoning (segregation) plan may be implemented when Mankind Pharma manufacturing/API/R&D has identified areas of potential for microbiological cross contamination. Usually a hazard assessment determines potential contamination sources, susceptibility of the product and control measures suitable for these areas. The facility is designed and constructed to separate areas where high-risk medicines/chemicals/products are processed, exposed or stored from areas where lower-risk medicines/chemical/products and raw material analyzed, exposed or stored, and from equipment washing areas, microbiological laboratories, QA/QC Lab, Production Area divided in to category like granulation, primary packing, secondary packing, aseptic area, maintenance areas, waste areas, warehouse, Admin offices, R&D labs segregated as per roles, type of analysis & Research, loading unloading area, Canteen, and toilet facilities.

As defined above, Management of the company will decide the zoning in their offices / plants to ensure proper traceability of man movement. There would not be any direct interaction with set number of employees so that in case of any suspect, defined area and section of employees can be easily identified. This will help in “Business Continuity” as only that area is evacuated and will be deeply sanitized, hence there would not be any impact on other areas.

Employee zoning should start from entry point to exit point, it also involves zone vise separate transport vehicle, separate entry & Exit point.

The degree of hygiene control in the facility depends on the type of the operation and the analysis of the potential risk. Based on the assessment, the facility is divided into areas with different allowable processing steps, different rules and/or procedures for persons who are allowed entry, and/or different levels of cleanliness. Generally, the more sensitive area or the products, the more important it is to separate the facility into different hygiene areas. Each manufacturing operation requires an appropriate environmental cleanliness level in order to minimize risks of contamination. Buffer zones, sanitizing stations, physical (or other) barriers are often placed between the basic GMP areas to the high hygiene areas.

COVID-19 Zoning – As per the definition of zoning, COVID-19 zoning defined as the area where there complete restriction on movement of man & material to stop the spreading COVID-19. These Zoning are defined by the GOI(MHA)/State government as per severity / no. of cases / location.

Business Continuity Keeping COVID-19 pandemic in mind, Business Continuity, Safety of employees & society in mind Mankind Pharma has decided to segregate the plant in different zone as per department, number, names, or types of zones within our establishment. Depending on the product, process, manpower & threat of contamination & the number of hygiene areas established may vary. Following are some examples with description:

Area of Operations:

  • Basic GMP area: basic hygiene area, non-critical (sometimes wet side of operation) Primary & Secondary Packing, Aseptic & Granulation Area.
  • Drying area, Wet area, Capsule, Gel, & Syrup Area
  • R&D Labs as per classification
  • API Plant – All Blocks as per product & requirement- As per their classification.
  • Quality Assurance- All Documentation Cell/GMP Training Area
  • Quality Control – all Testing Labs & Machine/Floor wise
  • Microbiology Labs- Machine Floor wise
  • Maintenance Area – Water System, HAVC & Service Floor-all equipment's & tools
  • High Risk (high-hygiene, critical side, high risk area): with more stringent requirements and procedures. Physically segregated and designed to a high standard of sanitation, hygiene, and cleanliness. Operating practices relating to personnel, product and production are controlled to minimize contamination.
  • Buffer Areas: Entry and exit doors are tightly fitted and self-closing. Floor is properly sloped. Air exhaust is used. Hands-free hand washing sink is provided on the non-critical side of the buffer area. Drying hands with paper towel is recommended.
Standard Practice:
  • Changing rooms and lockers: Physical separation of changing rooms  to minimize contamination of protective clothing and separate Lockers in each zone.
  • Hygiene of Lockers & Changing room is maintained as per standard process
  • Cafeteria/Canteen – Employees will visit as per their Zone timing.
  • Plant Entry & Exit point- Security Gate- Different timings for different Zone employees (Admin Block, Canteen, & all Open Area)
  • All respective Plants, API, R&D, FMCG are segregated as per their requirement, products, process & numbers.
  • Zone – A  include, New Joinee, Visitor/Auditor movement, Isolation Area, Isolated area for drivers (canteen/washroom).
  • Zone – B  include, Product Process Wise Zoning like OSD, Separate Bus Service department wise, separate Canteen timing, Segregate Washroom, Entry Exit Point & Timing, everything should be separate from other zone & can keep maintenance, IPQA, QA,QC & Support staff in every zone for smooth transition of business.
  • Zone-C include, Sterile there should be Separate Bus Services, separate Canteen timing, Segregate Washroom, Entry Exit time as per zone.
  • Zone-D include,  Complex Manufacturing & Others
  • Zone-E include, Admin, IT, Supports & Others
  • At Head Office, We have created floor wise zone plan. Separate entry & Exit time, Separate Lunch time at Cafeteria. After each zone lunch, House Keeping staff performs proper  thorough cleaning for next batch.
  • Separate Washroom for Each floor employees, no one is allowed to use other zone/floor washroom, and after the usage of washroom House Keeping staff performs deep cleaning of urinal, wash basin, Tabs Etc.
Note: Respective Plants/R&D/API can defined their zone as per their plant layout, products, Process, & Manpower Numbers.

Process Flow:
  • There will be clear demarcation of each Zone.
  • Use of Color coding for Each Zone to differentiate the zoning area wherever possible (color can be used as per plant coding)
  • Dedicated workers may be assigned to hygiene areas.
  • Dedicated equipment, pallets, utensils and other tools are used.
  • Avoid bringing products and ingredients without appropriate decontamination/treatment into high risk area.
  • Establish a master sanitation schedule to assure timely and effective sanitation for basic GMP and transitional areas. Use wet or dry cleaning as appropriate.
  • Establish appropriate cleaning and hygiene procedures & Prevent or minimize dust movement
  • Restrict the entry of one Zone employees to other zone.
  • Monitor the movement of each employee – educate them, Use tags & identification cards etc.
  • Direct and control employee and equipment traffic between the raw side and finished product side (One to other zone)
  • Every Zone employee will interact over ONLY Microsoft Meeting/Virtual Platform & all training will be done virtually.
  • Every Department /zone will have defined buses, other department/zone employees shall not be allowed on the bus.
  • Staggered Canteen Timing – Department/zone wise.
  • IF it is important to interact with other Zone employee, then individual has to wear PPE.
  • For Material Movement we have setup the UV box to disinfect the material and proper sanitization of the vehicle.

Entry Exit Policy for- Employees

Following Guideline for Employees at the time of Entry

  • Every employee must wear proper mask
  • Arogya Setu App is must for all Employees
  • Employee Declaration form
  • Everyday employees can collect the mask from Main gate of office
  • Employee must sanitize their hands before entering the office premises.
  • If employees are travelling more than 100 KM or from other zone he/she has to produce RTPCR negative test report.
  • In case of Symptoms or Positive case they have to work from home, isolate from others till negative report.
  • No Social Gathering
  • No Physical Training & Meeting – utilization of virtual Platform for Meetings & Trainings
  • Maintaining the Social Distance at the time of entry & Exit
  • Roster, & Staggering shift for all employees
  • Random Temperature Screening & Oxygen level checking through oximeters

Entry Exit Policy for- Visitors/Vendors

  • Entry in the Business Unit complex is possible only when the RTPCR test is negative.
  • Visitor must wear PPE kit & Mask
  • Visitor & Vendor Declaration form
  • Must sanitize hands before entering the office premises
  • Vendor must Sanitize the tools & kits before entering the office promises.
  • Temperature monitoring at all entry & Exit points.
  • Maintain the Social Distancing

Entry Exit Policy for- Auditors/Regulators

  • They can travel as per the Central, State or Local government guidelines.
  • Ensuring and proposing auditors/ Regulators to follow the Covid protocols like wearing mask, social distancing and hand sanitizing
  • Ensuring A five or four star hotel’s stay for Auditors/ Regulators
  • Ensuring the Hotel & Rooms are sanitized and disinfected on regular basis.
  • Ensuring the Hotel Staff must be vaccinated
  • Ensuring the Hotel should adhere to strict COVID-19 appropriate behavior & follow the Covid guidelines as recommended by Government Authorities.
  • We ensure timely sanitization of Cabs & Vehicle before & after every pick & Drop of Auditors and Regulators.
  • Only 2 people can travel in one vehicle i.e. Driver & one passenger only.
  • We ensure vehicle driver must be Vaccinated
  • PPE kits are available at all Entry gates 

Office Premises Etiquettes

We ensure the 100% adherence of COVID-19 Guidelines & Protocol across the location. We formed Covid -19 Policy to fight against the deadly virus & protect our employees & their wellbeing’s Few Key Points of COVID-19 Guidelines:

  •  Maintain Social Distance while entering in the office Premises
  • Maintain personal hygiene and physical distancing.
  • Sanitize & wash your hands on regular intervals- Hand-washing breaks in every One hour and work stations must be sanitized more often. - Minimum 20 Seconds Hand wash is must.
  • All Personal Meetings/Team Meeting are prohibited only virtual /Telephonic discussion are allowed.
  • Employee should wear Gloves & Mask during office hours every time.
  • Use Images/Scan Documents instead of paper, printout & Xerox & Undertake essential correspondence on official email.
  • Sanitize your laptop/desktop before staring the work
  • We ensure proper cleaning and frequent sanitization of the workplace, particularly of the frequently touched surfaces.
  • Namaste instead of Handshake
  • To cover your nose and mouth with handkerchief/tissue while sneezing and coughing & throw used tissues into closed bins immediately after use.
  • To maintain a safe distance from persons during interaction, especially with those having flu-like symptoms.
  • To sneeze in the inner side of your elbow and not to cough into the palms of your hands.
  • To see a doctor if you feel unwell (fever, difficulty in breathing and coughing). While visiting doctor, wear a mask/cloth to cover your mouth and nose.
  • For any fever/flu-like signs/symptoms, please call State helpline number or the 24x7 helpline number of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare at 011-23978046 & Inform to respective HOD, HR & Admin department on immediate basis.
  • Ensuring employees provide the self-declaration form covering Medical & Travel History of Self, Family, Tenant, House owner, Society & Neighbourhood and also declare the resident location. Wrong information may lead to legal action.
  • We ensure Employee must bring food from home or use office canteen
  • Commercial & Personal vehicle sanitization before entering the plant.
  • Employee bus Sanitization before & after every pick & drop
  • Social Distancing in Bus Seating


  • To maintain distancing protocol, only one employee can use the washrooms at a time. The house keeping staff will monitor the enforcement.
  • After every use washroom should be cleaned & Sanitized by Housekeeping staff.


  • Any courier/parcel received should be fumigated/ quarantined for 24 hours.
  • Image documents/Mail Scanning instead of Physical Documents are to be mandatorily used by all Employees.


  • Common Area will be cleaned and sanitized twice daily before and after the office hours. If contact surface is visibly dirty, it should be cleaned with soap and water prior to disinfection. Prior to cleaning, the worker should wear disposable rubber boots, gloves (heavy duty), and a triple layer mask.
  • All areas such as entrance lobbies, corridors and staircases, escalators, elevators, security guard booths, office rooms, meeting rooms, cafeteria should be mopped with a disinfectant with 1% sodium hypochlorite or phenolic disinfectants twice daily before and after the office hours.
  • All objects coming in frequent public contact of personnel, such as telephones, workstations, door handles, chairs, table-tops, are cleaned and sanitized twice daily in before and after office hours.
  • All High Contact Surfaces Washrooms, Toilet Door Handles, lift buttons, Railings printers/scanners, other office machines and similar such objects which come in public contact too frequently are cleaned/ sanitized hourly. Such objects/places are identified and chart prepared for cleaning/ sanitizing activities. HR/Admin has deputed one personnel floor wise for enforcement and verification.
  • For metallic surfaces like door handles, security locks, keys etc. 70% alcohol shall be used to wipe down surfaces where the use of bleach is not suitable.
  • Adequate hand sanitizing stations are installed in office premises (especially at the entry) and near high contact surfaces.
  • Sanitary workers must use separate set of cleaning equipment for toilets (mops, nylon scrubber) and separate set for sink and commode). They should always wear disposable protective gloves while cleaning a toilet.

COVID-19 Awareness Programs

Webinar on “Proactive Management of COVID” by Expert Dr. K K Aggarwal, President, CMAAO & HCFI, Editor-in-chief IJCP Group, Past National President IMA, on 27th April’21

Live session on precautionary measures post COVID vaccination & practicing empathy with recovered patients, conducted by Dr. Sushant Chhabra – Head and Consultant – Emergency Medicine, Manipal Hospital.
Date: 5th June’21

Launched Doctor’s Teleconsultation

The purpose of teleconsultation is to facilitate medical consulting to employees and their families in need of emergency medical care/ attention for any COVID-19/ non-covid related issues through an audio call enabling patients to save time and receive medical care at the appropriate time.

Message from Vice Chairman’s desk during COVID-19

Message from Mr. Rajeev Juneja (Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Mankind Pharma)

  • How a miracle has led to the recovery of our fellow Mankindians
  • Important Guidelines we need to follow during opening up of phase wise field workings
  • Mankind is with its people and their families

Employees Welfare Policies against COVID-19

COVID-19 Protection Policy for Regular & Contract Employees

  • Mankind Pharma considers its employees as its assets and intents to take care of them in all possible ways
  • In current COVID-19 pandemic, employees are at risk and Mankind Pharma wants to safe guard them and their families
  • In case of unfortunate event of demise of employee due to COVID-19, it would become difficult for the family of the employee to make ends meet
  • In view of this, Mankind Pharma introduced COVID-19 Protection Policy:
    • Immediate financial needs of deceased employee are catered
    • Guaranteed monthly income of deceased employee is maintained for a specified time period
    • Continued Medical coverage for the family members for 3 years post demise
    • Financial Assistance will help ensure Education of the children of deceased employees is not affected due to untimely demise of employee

COVID-19 Protection Policy - Benefits

A. From Mankind to Mankindians:
  • The Company will contribute to the Dependent an amount equivalent to the 5 (five) years of the last drawn Annual Gross Salary of the deceased Employee, to the maximum limit of INR ₹50,00,000/- (Indian Rupees Fifty Lacs Only).
B. Extra Through Insurance:
  • The Company, at its cost, is providing an insurance cover to all the Employees to cover such tragic incidences. In case of an unfortunate demise of the Employee, due to COVID-19 (i.e. Event), the insurance will provide an Ex-Gratia amount of upto 8 (eight) times of Annual Gross Salary to the maximum limit of ₹50,00,000/- (Indian Rupees Fifty Lacs Only), to support the Dependent of the deceased Employee and provide for their emergent urgent needs.
C. Extra Through Insurance:
  • In addition to above, the registered nominee/Dependent of the deceased Employee will also get an amount of ₹7,00,000/- (Indian Rupees Seven Lacs Only) under the Employees Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme*.
  • In addition to above, the Company will provide medical cover to the Dependents of the employee, registered in the Group Mediclaim Policy, for a period of 3 (three) years, post the demise of the Employee.

Mankind COVID-19 Initiatives 20-21

Manzil Mystics (Dry Ration to 350 families) 3000 people were supported through distribution of Dry Ration & community kitchen for 20 days in support with Jamghat: A group of street children.

Community Adoption Plan (Response Plan) & Ghar Ki Aas (Response Transport)

Samarth (Support To Impacted Vulnerable Migrant Families)

Mankind Pharma has also helped the stranded migrant workers in collaboration with a Delhi Based NGO (Turn your concern in to Action : TYCIA). Transport & Cash relief was arranged for more than 1200 migrant workers. With Delhi Govt's support around 180 workers were sent to BIhar via chartered flights.

Launched Mankind Anthem 2.0 by Sonu Nigam

Thanking our Heroes, front liners for sacrificing their own lives to save others. In our way, letting them know that the flame of duty and sacrifice that they ignited blazes on. Date: 9th July’21

Donate in PM & CM Care Fund

Donation of Rs. 51 crore to the PM & CM Care fund. Donation of ventilators, Personal protective equipment (PPE) and Medicines to the states which reported maximum number of positive cases. Mankind Pharma worked closely with the Governments of Kerala, Maharashtra, UP, Uttrakhand, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, AP, Telangana, Delhi, Haryana, HP, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Punjab, West Bengal, J&K, and Orissa.

Mankind Pharma contributed 100 Crores for the families of matyred frontline warriors on 24th April’21–

In this fight against COVID-19, when distance means safety, they treat us with compassion and care always by our side. They continue putting their life at risk and unfortunately many gave up their lives to keep us safe. Inspired, we continue to build on our Commitment to Serve Life and what we did during the 2020 Crisis. To our Martyred Heroes, we say in gratitude "You will be remembered by all for your sacrifice. And to the brave families, we say, we stand with you“

Anil Kapoor joins hands with Mankind Pharma in spreading message of paying tribute to families of martyred warriors with 100 Crores contribution.

Support extended to the martyred Police Officer’s families

Police Fund made for 5 Crs and families of the police officers who lost the battle to corona were donated 3 Lacs per family. Families in Delhi, Punjab, MP, Telangana, AP, TN, Guj, WB, UP, Karnataka have been helped by Mankind. Story for which was recently covered in Zee news & ABP news.

Supporting Real Life Heroes

Mankind helped the Real Life Heroes in these COVID-19 times. Offered financial aid of 1 Lac to the ones doing noble work. Like:

C.Mohan, Madurai (A proud Salon Owner), who gave Rs. 5 Lakhs (saved for his daughter’s marriage) to help more than 600 families survive the lockdown

Jyoti Kumar, Bihar (A determined daughter), Cycled for 8 long days-travelling 1200 kms from Gurgaon, Haryana to Darbhanga, Bihar to get her injured father back home

Rama Sahu, Orissa (A 46 Yrs. Old uterine cancer warrior), Distributes the daily essentials in the scorching heat despite her age & serious health conditions.

Akshay Kothavale, Pune (A heroic Auto rickshaw Driver), Gave up all his wedding savings to feed the starving poor & migrant workers

Ghanshyam, Surat (A generous Dhaba Owner), Runs a small Dhaba at Surat highway & feeding about 400 people per day.

Placement of frontline workers at hospitals and institutions

Mankind Pharma with the support of TYCIA Foundation (NGO), partnered with government hospitals and facilities in order to provide trained full time paid human resources to assist their overburdened doctors and nurses. The team was placed at GIMS in Noida, LNJPN hospital, Delhi and COVID care centres. This initiative not only reduced the load on medical professionals at understaffed facilities, it also generated livelihoods in this difficult economic time for youth workers.

Individuals Served
Frontline Workers

Imparted Psycho-social support –

Under initiative “India against CORONA” by TYCIA Foundation, trained counsellors who helped in counselling, convincing and motivating COVID-19 survivors for Plasma donation and facilitation to the ones who need the most.

Counselling Calls
Agreed to donate
Eligible plasma donors
Lives saved

Mankind Pharma recognized for its work during COVID-19 Pandemic by Hon’ble Governor of Maharashtra

Certificate of Appreciation felicitated to Mankind Pharma for working aggressively in the fight against COVID-19 by Hon’ble Governor of Maharashtra Shri Bhagat Singh Koshyari on 20th February’21.

Mankind family has contributed through various initiatives like sanitization facilities at local bodies, distribution of covid safety gears (face mask, shield, ventilators, etc) to Police and Health personnel, distribution of ration to families (Manzil Mystics), Ghar Vapsi and Samarth (supported vulnerable migrant families for returning home) and social media awareness campaigns.

In addition to this, the company has also contributed in PM Care Fund, Police Welfare Fund and financial aid to real life heroes who worked for the noble cause during the testing times.

Mankind Achievement COVID-19

Mankind Pharma gets DRDO’s permission to manufacture and market anti-COVID-19 drug 2-DG – Date: 8th July