Manforce is the category leader in the premium quality condoms in India and is currently being endorsed by Sunny Leone. Manforce condoms are available wide range of textures like 3 in 1 condom, Extra Dotted, plain etc. It comes in an extensive range of exciting flavours like Chocolate, Strawberry, Black Grapes, Hazelnut, Pineapple, orange etc. Recently the brand has launched XXL condom, Sunny Edition Condoms and Game Condoms. (*As per A.C Neilson May,2016)

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Prega News

A pregnancy test kit endorsed by Kareena Kapoor Khan that gives a result in just 5 minutes. Also with new advance technology we have launched Preganews Advance. It is easy to read, easy to test and has an easy grip!
With its new design there is no need of dropper and container to collect the urine sample (*As per IMS-Health Nov,2017)

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Prega News

An anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, Acnestar Gel is a rapid solution for a flawless acne-free skin. Acnestar Gel is available in 2 pack sizes – 15g & 22g. With Acnestar enjoy a beautiful skin free from acne, whiteheads and blackheads. Endorsed by Shruti Hassan

Acnestar Soap soothes, nourishes and cleanses your skin avoiding the skin from acne. Solution to a radiant and gorgeous skin. Available in a 75g pack size.

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Ring-Out offers an effective treatment for ringworms & helps to cure the infections caused by fungi. The brand is currently being endorsed by Sunil Grover

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It is an No.1* emergency contraceptive tablet which prevents pregnancy & avoids abortion. Unwanted-72 contains levonorgestrel-1.5 mg. The tablet has to be consumed within 72 hours. (*As per Unit wise sales ,IMS-Health Nov'17)

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Unwanted-21 Days* is Simple, Effective & Regular Oral Contraceptive Tablet for women who want to delay their pregnancy and space the next child. Unwanted-21 Days Tablet is available in a pack of 21 tablets.

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Gas-O-Fast helps to cure problems like gas, acidity, heartburn & hyperacidity. Its active range comes in different variants of 5g pack such as Jeera, ajwain, & Pudina.
The brand primarily thrives on the advantage of its natural ingredient. The brand is currently being endorsed by Manoj Pahwa.
An extension of the same category, The Gas-O-Fast Plus tablet contains digestive enzymes that help in treating indigestion, gas and hyperacidity

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Gas-O-Fast Plus

Gas-o-fast tablet cures the root cause of indigestion. It comes in tasty orange flavor.The brand primarily thrives on the advantage of its sugar free proposition & high effervescence.

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Gas-O-Fast Plus

An artificial sweetener, endorsed by Sania Mirza ,is very useful for diabetics and helps to maintain overall fitness for living a healthy lifestyle.Kaloree-1 tablets are available in 3 pack sizes, i.e. 400+200 tablets free in refil pack, 100+100 tablets free in refil pack and 300+100 tablets free.

Also pack of 1g Kaloree-1 sachets is available.

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An all-rounder gel with unique Nanofine technology that heals all types of injuries, wounds, nicks, bruises and burns. Heal-O-Kind has a strong anti-bacterial action that absorbs into the skin for faster and shows scar-less healing. It is available in pack size of 11g

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The Magic of Rio, The Magic of Vegas, The Magic of Hawaii, The Magic of Spain, The Magic of Sydney- are the 5 variants which come in 150ml pack. Adiction Deo also comes in 'No Gas Formula' range - Energy,Impact and Force which offer guaranteed long lasting and powerful fragrance

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