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The OTC and consumer healthcare segment brings a dynamic dimension to Mankind. With a cutting-edge R&D center, best-in-class manufacturing units, and marketing excellence, Mankind offers multi-faceted products across categories like oral contraceptives, condoms, pregnancy detection card, antacids, artificial sweeteners, etc.

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Manforce is the category leader* in premium quality condoms in India and is currently being endorsed by Sunny Leone. Manforce condoms are available in various textures like 3-in-1 condom, Extra Dotted, Plain, etc. It comes in a wide range of exciting flavours like Chocolate, Strawberry, Black Grapes, Pineapple, Orange, etc. Have launched an interesting concept of flavoir fusion with Cocktail Condoms. (*As per A.C Nielsen report March, 2019)

Preganews is the no.1 * pregnancy test card in India which is endorsed by Kareena Kapoor Khan. It is a convenient way to test pregnancy at home. With Preganews results are easy to read within 5 minutes. The card is sensitive enough to share accurate results. (*As per IQVIA, April’19)

Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, AcneStar Gel is a rapid solution for flawless acne-free skin. AcneStar Gel is available in 2 pack sizes – 15g & 22g. AcneStar Soap soothes, nourishes and cleanses your skin, protecting the skin from acne. When used together, both the soap and gel work as a solution to give radiant and gorgeous skin. Available in a 75g pack size.

It is a No.1* emergency contraceptive tablet which prevents pregnancy & avoids the risk of abortion. Unwanted-72 contains levonorgestrel-1.5 mg. The tablet has to be consumed within 72 hours. (*As per IQVIA, April’19)

Gas-O-Fast is helpful in problems like gas, acidity, heartburn & hyperacidity. Its active range comes in different variants of the 5g pack such as Jeera & Ajwain.

The brand primarily thrives on the advantage of its natural ingredient. The brand is currently being endorsed by Brahmanandam in South Market, Biswanath Basu in East Market and Saurabh Shukla in Hindi Speaking Belt.

Gas-O-fast tablet acts on the root cause i.e. indigestion. It comes in tasty orange flavour and has the goodness of digestive enzymes. The brand primarily thrives on the advantage of its sugar-free proposition & effervescence.

KABZEND natural laxative granule - An ayurvedic formulation which helps in maintaining regular bowel movements and ensure proper cleansing of the body. It is enriched with the goodness of 17 herbs to alleviate the problem of constipation. The herbs used in formulations are gentle on the body.

Unwanted-21 Days is a simple, effective & regular Oral Contraceptive Tablet for women who want to delay their pregnancy and space the next child. Unwanted-21 Days Tablet is available in a pack of 21 tablets. Subhoshree Ganguly is endorsing the product in East market.

Ring-Out Dusting Powder is an anti-fungal powder, which is effective for the treatment of fungal infections like itching, jock-itch, athlete's foot, etc. It is available in the pack size of 65gm and has a pleasant fragrance.

Heal-O-Kind is an all-rounder gel with unique nanofine technology which heals all types of injuries, wounds, nicks, bruises and burns. Heal-O-Kind has a strong anti-bacterial action that absorbs into the skin for faster and as well as scar-less healing. It is available in a pack size of 11g.

An artificial sweetener, Kaloree1 is a sugar substitute that helps in maintaining the overall fitness and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Kaloree-1 tablets are available in 3 pack sizes, i.e., 400+200 tablets, 100+100 tablets, and 300+100 tablets free in a refill pack.

The Magic of Rio, The Magic of Vegas, The Magic of Hawaii, The Magic of Spain and The Magic of Sydney are the 5 variants which come in a 150ml bottle. Adiction Deodorant also comes in a 'No Gas Formula' range - Energy, Impact and Force which offer a guaranteed long-lasting and powerful fragrance.