Recruitment Fraud Notice

1. We (Mankind) realise that Employees are vital assets in supporting our progress and are purely merit-based employer. We are also committed to reduce the risk of recruitment fraud, so as to protect both us and the aspiring candidates from any fraudulent activities arising from fraudulent recruitment offers. We also expect the Job seekers to perform due diligence in researching job offers and are advised to practice caution and discretion when applying for or accepting employment offers for/from Mankind.

2. We, do not appoint any agent /agency/company to advertise about our hiring or conduct any employment interviews or make offers of employment on our behalf.

3. It is further notified to all that We do not charge / accept any amount or security deposit from job seekers during the selection process or while inviting candidates for an interview. If any candidate receives any unsolicited or fraudulent communication offering a job or an interview call from Mankind against payment of money, please do not pay money to any individual/agency for an offer/interview. It is strongly recommended to not respond and/or divulge personal and confidential information like aadhar card number, bank account details, credit/debit card details etc.; to such fraudulent communications.

4. We do not send job offers from free internet email services like Gmail, Rediffmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.; Candidates are requested to take due care to validate the authenticity of the source of the email. Please note that any offers / benefits / content / instructions presented in such misleading communication impersonating Mankind, do not represent those of the company and are not binding on us.

5. Some of the Warning signs of recruitment fraud:
5.1 The email is not sent from an official Mankind e-mail address but from a free e-mail service such as: Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo etc.
5.2 You are asked for private or confidential information like Aadhar Card, Pan Card, Bank Account details, Credit/ Debit Card details.
5.3 You are asked to interview over the phone or via an instant-messenger type program.
5.4 You are offered money or a check to process before or after being interviewed.
5.5 You are requested to pay a fee.
5.6 You are requested to complete bogus recruitment documentation, such as an application or employment visa forms, (the Mankind name and logo could be counterfeit and featured on the documentation without authority).
5.7 Insistence on urgency.

6. As a preventive measure, We have protected all Offer Letters through a Quick Response (QR) code-based offer verification tool. The QR code allows job seekers / applicants to validate the authenticity of their Offer and Joining Letters. We request you to confirm the content of the email by following either of the 3 simple steps:
6.1 Validate your offer letter through verification link.
6.2 Validate your offer letter through Mobile QR Code Scanner.
6.3 Alternatively, for verification you can write to

7. Mankind will not accept any liability direct or indirect, for the actions of candidates on such fraudulent offers, spoofed mails / communication etc. You are strongly advised to report all such matters at

8. We reserve our right to contact law enforcement agencies to investigate and prosecute these kinds of illicit activities.