Corporate Quality & Compliance - Pharmaceutical Company in India Corporate Quality & Compliance - Pharmaceutical Company in India


Ensuring product safety and efficacy.
We are committed to providing quality products to our customers through our robust manufacturing practices across our manufacturing sites, encompassing all areas of business processes right from supply chain to product delivery.
We have established an independent quality assurance function, comprising 1,318 personnel as of December 31, 2022. We recruit qualified staff to perform various operations at different levels and have regular on-the-job training programs focused on manufacturing practice and safety procedures. Our quality assurance function is responsible for overseeing all quality operations of our manufacturing facilities and imposes stringent controls on equipment, finished products and vendor samples, and govern all practices in accordance with approved standard operating procedures. All stages of our manufacturing processes are subject to various internal quality and system checks, designed to ensure that our products meet the norms prescribed by regulators. Further, we have a centralized corporate quality and compliance function that ensures quality control and quality assurance of warehousing, engineering and other departments of our Company across all our facilities including those of our Subsidiaries.