Corporate Quality & Compliance - Pharmaceutical Company in India Corporate Quality & Compliance - Pharmaceutical Company in India


Ensuring product safety and efficacy.

We are committed to providing quality products to our customers through robust manufacturing practices across our manufacturing sites, encompassing all areas of the business process right from supply chain management to product delivery.

We have established Quality excellence across the sites and are solely an independent body comprising technically competent personnel. Engaging qualified personnel to assure product quality at each stage of operations, from vendor selection, receipt of materials to batch processing, analysis, release and reach to customer. Quality excellence ensures the safety, identity, strength, purity & efficacy of products at the customer end.

Our policies are designed based on stringent regulations like USFDA, EU, ANVISA, PICs WHO, and many other international and national health authorities. Digital transformation in operations is the key driver to meet the highest global quality standard.

A highly skilled team, advanced machinery, technology and competent leadership are driving various operational activities at different levels through Quality culture initiatives.

Corporate Quality and Compliance ensure adherence to global quality policies across manufacturing facilities.

Quality excellence is the prime focus to deliver a wide range of affordable, innovative and quality products.