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Mankind Research Center’s mission ideates with an innovative approach that aims at providing superior quality products, pioneering in the fields of novel drug delivery systems, new molecule research and API development. The mission is supported by development expertise and operational excellence to initiate effective treatments in order to benefit the society.

Today, the success of Mankind Research Center is attributed to the capabilities of its highly-skilled employees and work environment. Mankind Research Center promotes teamwork, strengthening the position of an equitable work culture.

Mankind Research Center

Mankind’s state-of-the-art R&D Center is located in Manesar and administered by more than 350 leading scientists from diverse fields, with a prime focus on promoting innovation, knowledge and leading-edge skills. The development capabilities include New Drug Discovery and Research (NDDR), APIs, Formulations and Development, Analytical Research and Development, Clinical Research & Biopharmaceutics, Regulatory Affairs, Biotechnology, and Intellectual Property Management.

Today, the Mankind Research Center has transformed into a training ground for young scientists. The rich human capital and high-tech equipment make Mankind a pioneer in the field of research and development.

Mankind is one of the select global pharmaceutical companies that is vertically integrated with a presence in the API and Formulation segments.