Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews | 7 To 14 July 2021 Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews | 7 To 14 July 2021

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Work That Speaks | Ad Reviews | 7 To 14 July 2021

Brands that cut through: Lenovo, Skype India, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Flite, Urban Company, Meesho, ITC Store, Gas-O-Fast,, Tata Wiron, Battlegrounds Mobile India, Hamdard India

Lenovo IdeaPad | #SmartLearningSolutions | Bilkul Dost Jaisa

What a delightful idea driven by insight! Can we deny that kids are missing their buddies from school? No. Has Lenovo brought to life that truth winsomely here? Yes.

It helps that the product itself is rooted in some key differentiators making it a good bet for online classes – distance alerts, noise cancellation and a looking away reminder. The makers of the campaign manage to convey them endearingly, positioning the Ideapad as the student’s friend.

Skype India | #MakeTime | #HideAndSeek

I must confess that I’ve done this with my kid a few times in the last few months – hiding clues around the house for her to find on a video call. Whether it’s work that’s causing the distance or some other reason, a video call is the best way to do things with them. It’s not what we do, it’s the ‘with’ that matters. In the case of this film, it’s a very charming game of hide and seek. Skype may have lost out to many other options that exist today, but the brand seems to be looking to reclaim its space here with a beautiful slice of life.

Kotak Mahindra Bank | Kotak Karma | Girl Power Is Gold Power

The tradition of saving gold for the girl child is juxtaposed here against empowering a girl to win gold as an athlete, with the examples of two champions who have done just that. In time for the Olympics, the work should earn the brand some good karma.

Flite | Sar Utha Kadam Badha

A small town girl manages to get past two hurdles society hurls at those like her. The first step was to get past the menfolk deciding for the family and step out to make a career. The second being to confidently get the message across to her interviewers that fluency in English does not substitute for the qualification to do the job. Perfectly in step with ‘Sar utha kadam badha’. In a category where fashionable, comfortable and trendy are the keywords, here’s a brand that’s taking a bold step to stand differentiated.

Urban Company | Salon At Home | Professional Cleaning | Sahi Dam Ki Surety

Meesho | Chhote Paise Badi Shopping

ITC Store | Dabbo Wala Rishta

ITC Store is urging people to gift food hampers for Mumbai’s dabbawallahs, a community hit hard by the pandemic and attendant lockdowns. It is doing so in partnership with a very credible platform synonymous with food, Akshayapatra. The film reflects on their plight and does so in their voice. For a brand like that we haven’t seen much of, this initiative and its film build visibility, stature and affinity.

Gas-O-Fast | Acidity Free Celebrations | Asli Jeera Ka Swad

Hilarious play on the reliance on jeera by those suffering acidity, to pitch the gas relief product based on the ingredient. | #BewakoofiBantiHai

Tata Wiron | Rozaana Ki Dhun

The lively song reflects the hope that the nation holds for tomorrow. The visuals match the pace and earthiness of the soundtrack. The positivity reaches a climax with the

Battlegrounds Mobile India | #IndiaKaGame

Hamdard India | Sehat Hai To Watan Hai