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Acnestar Face Wash 50gm (Pack of 2) Acne and Pimples are tough, and with everyday dust, pollution, and oil blockage, there’s no end to them. But wait, really? AcneStar Face Wash from the house of Mankind is a medicated anti-acne face cleanser that stops the excess sebum production and cleanses all impurities effectively to give you clean and clear skin. The Face Wash effectively fights against acne and pimples right from the first usage without stripping off the skin’s natural moisture. Formulated with double action agents, salicylic and glycolic acid to unclog pores, decrease sebum production and clear off the dead skin cells. The Face Wash also contains natural ingredients like aloe vera, extracts of basil, and calendula chamomile to calm and nourish the inflamed skin after every use. Featuring miliicapsules which act as moisturizer and help maintain the optimum level of moisture in the skin. The AcneStar Face Wash is carefully tested and formulated to give you acne-free skin. It ensures to deeply cleanse the oil and impurities from skin and pores to stop acne formation while keeping the skin hydrated. ..
Rs. 300
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