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Safekind N95 Mask (Showing 1 products)

Rs. 120

Safekind FACE MASK N-95 At Mankind Pharma, we aspire to make India a healthy country. In these difficult times, we took the initiative to serve the nation by protecting our community by taking a step forward with our brand new, industry-first COVID-19 safety kit to fight germs. Mankind introduces the mighty Indian warrior – SAFEKIND N95 Face Mask, to protect your family from illness-causing virus. A carefully designed N95 face mask ensures your safety along with a comfortable fit. This latex-free face mask comes with five-layer protection to fight against viruses, bacteria, and other harmful particles. With a soft elastic ear loop and a leak-proof fit, Safekind anti-pollution mask removes odours and absorbs moisture so you live carefreely and happy. Packed with Deodorized Activated Carbon, hermetically sealed and sanitized by Ultraviolet Germicidal Light, these virus protection mask are easily foldable and washable and lend you the protection you need. Take a step closer to a safer India with SAFEKIND. Usage: Hold the mask by both ear loops. Put loops around your ear lobes. Press forefingers down on both sides of the nose clip. Check for a snug and comfortable ..
Rs. 120
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