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Gas-O-Fast Sachet Lemon Flavour 6x5gm

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Gas-O-Fast Sachet Lemon Flavour 6x5gm

Acidity, gas and indigestion are very common gut disorders faced by all; to get quick relief from these disorder, Mankind pharma has launched an all in one antacids powder, known as Ayurvedic Gasofast . The product comes in four variants. ’s Active range comprises of Jeera & Ajwain variants, which boasts of using Asli jeera & Ajwain, which acts as a catalyst in speeding up the recovery from these disorders. What really sets Gas-O-Fast apart from other antacids available is the addition of these real ingredients that work wonders on stomach troubles and improve overall gut health; These are natural carminative agents and can be continued to be taken for a long-term. The Recommended dosage is one sachet in a glass of cold water, 1 to 2 hours after meal.

  • Ayurvedic Gasofast, Active Jeera, antacid powder gives quick relief from Acidity, Gas and indigestion in Seconds.

  • Gasofast Active Jeera is an Ayurvedic formulation with the goodness of real Jeera, a traditionally accepted ingredient in Indian households to maintain the gut health. It has the best taste, in the antacid category.

  • Ayurvedic GasoFast contains Svarjiksara and Nimbukamlam (ayurvedic form of Sodium Bicarbonate) which neutralizes the gastric acid in seconds and give quick relief from Acidity & Gas.

  • Follow the instructions mentioned on the pack to consume. Always keep this antacid powder away from children’s reach and store it in a cool & dark place, protect from moistmoisture.

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