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Constant endeavor to elevate pleasure with protection in lovemaking is what Manforce aims to deliver. With years of experience in manufacturing condoms, it’s completely safe to say that every single Manforce condom is the outcome of a process that’s tried and tested. We are well acquainted with the power of love, along with its effects and side effects, with our range of 16 arousing variants, we appeal to our enthusiastic lovers to have protected sex, always.

Explore Our Pleasure Worlds

This range of condoms is made for those sailors who love a rough sea and like having wild nights.
Chocolate Flavour: Get your game on with sinful indulgence. A catalyst to your dark fantasies, it’ll tantalize her taste buds and make her drool all over you.
Strawberry: Tease the senses with some fruity and juicy explosion of flavours. The extra dots on the outside will intensify the experience, excite her senses enough to make her blush all day.
Black Grapes: Sweet & sour to elevate pleasure in lovemaking. The scintillating smell and the extra dots increases friction, stimulates you both and makes those sensual episodes more exciting.
Combo Pack: When once is not enough! This is a box of sexpiration that offer different flavours for different moods! Go ahead, enjoy lovemaking in more ways than one!


Made for the rabbit that loves every moment soft and even more sensual.
Hazelnut: Hazelnut-flavoured extra dotted condoms that promise ultimate intensifying pleasure. The flavour of Hazel nut will drive her nuts, leaving her wanting for more of you each time.
Banana: Sexual desires at its peak! Indulge in some flavoursome twosome and make her go bananas over you. A must-have for your monkey businesses.
Jasmine: Classic love, classic aroma - floral sensations to spellbind her. This jasmine-flavoured extra-dotted condom gives a magical touch to lovemaking, helping you smoothly sail towards the pinnacle of pleasure.
Pink: Add tingle to your mingle and let those bubbles fly high! A super candy-licious bubble gum flavoured treat that’ll give your intimate gameplay a secret high, and you’ll long for more.

Power House

Not everybody aims for the marathons, some people like going on and on.
Stamina Pineapple: Tropical treats for a thrilling new sexual experience. These pineapple-flavoured extra dotted condoms work wonders during lovemaking and you’ll find yourself happily going on and on and on.
Stamina Orange: Erotic and exotic! Add that extra zest with orange, enjoy the intense sessions and be surprised how lovemaking only keeps getting better & longer.


For Antony breaks the monotony for Cleopatra and loves experimenting in bed.

Strawberry & Vanilla: An inviting fusion to try when you wish to sweeten your romance. The layer of dotted-rings will only add up to the flavour of love.

Chocolate & Hazelnut: A bit of sinful indulgence meets the desire to go nuts. The dotted-rings will heighten the pleasure, when you both melt into each other.

Manforce Toffee: Surrender to the caramelizing flavour of toffee and spice things up in the bed. Delve deeper into the pleasure zone with this half dotted and half ribbed condom and intensify the pulsating love making session.

XXL: For the ones who are proudly not 'fitting in'. Manforce XXL musk flavoured condoms are meant for those extra power-packed performances. Electrify the mood and make her quiver with absolute pleasure.

Sunny Edition: Perfectly suited to meet your desire for an intimate play session with your lover! Spice up your sex and surprise your lover with a thrilling new experience with these special edition wonder.

Game: Keep it steamy, in a different way! Give your lovemaking session a hot twist with these ribbed condoms, designed to surprise your senses with extended pleasure.

Super Manforce: A must-have for passionate lovers. Get adventurous; juice up the night with litchi love and master the art of elevating pleasure with protection.