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Epic Pleasure Pack, 10s (Pack of 2)

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Rs. 480

Epic Pleasure Pack, 10s (Pack of 2)

Making you and your partner reach the ultimate orgasm with Manforce Epic Pleasure Long Lasting Condoms. These premium condoms are specially designed for both you and her. The Benzocaine oil helps delay the climax letting her enjoy it for longer, while the 0.05m thinness provides him intense sensitivity with a completely natural feel. So, get indulged in an intimate lovemaking session and feel real good with these Epic Premium Condoms. 100% electronically tested, the condoms are safe and reliable to take on your wild adventures. Each condom is sufficiently lubricated to make the penetration smooth and prevent chances of condom breakage. Raspberry flavoured, they intensify the excitement of lovemaking between you and your partner. Specially designed to provide a better fit so that you perform with confidence. Manforce Epic condoms are cruelty-free and vegan in nature with low protein levels and microbial load. With India’s No.1 Condom, it’s time to meet all your sex desires.
When used as instructed, condoms are a highly efficient way of avoiding sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy. See the package instructions for correct usage. Even if you're using other birth control methods to avoid pregnancy, using a condom every time you have sex can help you avoid STIs.

1. Delayed Climax with Intense Feel: Manforce Epic Pleasure intensifies the lovemaking session for both you and her. The Benzocaine oil delays his climax to let you both enjoy long-lasting intimate moments.

2. Epic Pleasure Long Lasting Condoms are super thin with 0.05mm thinness to provide an exceptionally sensitive and sensual experience. With a completely natural feel, they feel like wearing almost nothing.

3. Lubricated For Extra Smoothness: The condoms are lubricated for smooth penetration and to prevent chances of condom breakage. These super thin condoms with delayed climax make you both enjoy to the fullest.

4. Flavoured For Fun: Comes in a unique Raspberry flavour to stir up the excitement between you two.

5. India’s No.1 Condoms: Each Manforce Epic Condom is made with high-quality natural rubber latex. The condoms feature improved grip for a better fit and seamless experience.

6. Condom Size: The girth of 53 mm +/-2mm and a length of 180 mm offers a comfortable wear.

7. Assured Safety For Reliable Protection: These Super Thin Condoms are 100% electronically tested to ensure a high level of protection. With technologically advanced quality standards, you can rest assured and unveil your wild side.

8. Disposable Pouch: It comes with a disposable pouch that will help in the safe and discreet dumping of used condoms.

9. Manforce Epic condoms are cruelty-free and vegan in nature with low protein levels and microbial load.

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