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Epic Desire Pack, 10s (Pack of 2)

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Rs. 480

Epic Super Thin Premium Condoms for Lovemaking| Silk Chocolate Flavour| From India’s No. 1* Condom Brand| Vegan| No Harsh Chemicals| Lubricated Latex Condoms| Pack of 10

Elevate your pleasure game with Epic Super Thin Condoms - designed to redefine your lovemaking experience. Made for the connoisseurs of pleasure, these Super Thin Condoms offer the natural sensation you crave for. Designed with 0.05mm thinness, these condoms add a delicious silk chocolate flavour to your intimate moments. Experience a snug fit with Epic condoms, from the house of Manforce Condoms, India’s No. 1* Condom brand. With a better fit, you can focus on exploring the heights of passion with complete safety.

Condoms are a highly effective way of protecting yourself from sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy. For maximum protection, follow the package instructions.

Premium range of Epic Condoms deliver an unparalleled pleasure that you will cherish forever. Each condom is 100% electronically tested to ensure the utmost safety and reliability. These lubricated condoms offer a smooth glide, preventing the possibility of condom breakage and enhancing your sensual pleasure.

  • INDULGE IN PASSIONATE LOVEMAKING: EPIC Super Thin Condoms provide heightened sensuality and utmost pleasure that will leave you both wanting more every time

  • EXPERIENCE THE ULTIMATE INTIMACY: Super-thin condoms with 0.05mm thinness, you'll forget if you're even wearing anything. You both will feel each other and nothing else

  • TEMPT YOUR TASTEBUDS: Add a touch of temptation to your lovemaking with our sensual silk chocolate-flavoured condoms. Designed to tantalize your taste buds and heighten your senses

  • FROM INDIA'S NO. 1 CONDOM BRAND: Elevate your bedroom game with EPIC Condoms, from the house of Manforce Condoms, India’s No. 1* condom brand.

  • DISCREET AND CONVENIENT: EPIC condoms come with a disposable pouch for safe, convenient and discreet disposal of used condoms

  • A RESPONSIBLE CHOICE: We believe in caring for all living beings, which is why our condoms are vegan and cruelty-free. Made from natural rubber latex, EPIC condoms are a responsible choice for both you and the environment

  • SAFE TO USE: EPIC Condoms contain no harsh chemicals and are nitrosamine-free, making them a safe choice for your body

  • SENSUAL AND SMOOTH: Our lubricated condoms offer an extra-smooth and sensual experience, allowing you to feel every moment passionately with each other

  • RELIABLE PROTECTION: Manforce condoms are ISO-certified and 100% electronically tested, providing you with a trustworthy protection

  • A SIZE FOR EVERYONE: Our condoms are designed with a girth of 53mm +/- 2mm and a length of 180mm to fit most men comfortably, providing a snug and secure fit


As per IQVIA Consumer Health Retail Audit Data MAT MARCH 2022

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