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GAS-O-FAST SACHET ACTIVE JEERA 6x5gm Acidity, gas and indigestion is a very common digestive disorder, to get quick relief from these disorder, Mankind pharma has launched Ayurvedic Gasofast antacid powder. It has Active range and Regular range. Two variants of Active range have goodness of real Jeera and real Ajwain while two variants of regular range have fruit salt flavor of Lemon and Guava. What sets Gas-O-Fast apart from other antacids available is its primary ingredients. They are infused with finest ingredients, real Jeera and real Ajwain, these ingredients work wonders on stomach troubles and improve overall gut health as they are natural carminative agents and can be continued to be taken for a long-term. Recommended dosage is one sachet in a glass of cold water, 1 to 2 hours after meal.   Ayurvedic Gasofast, Active Jeera, antacid powder gives quick relief from Acidity, Gas and indigestion in Seconds.   Ayurvedic Gasofast is an Ayurvedic formulation with the goodness of real Jeera, a traditionally accepted ingredient in Indian households to maintain the gut health. It has best taste in the antacid category. &..
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