New Drug Discovery and Research

Long-term, one of the Company's biggest differentiators will be its Novel Drug Discovery and Research (NDDR) program. The Program focuses on the discovery, development, research and commercialization of new drugs that address disease areas with significantly unmet medical need. Mankind's NDDR efforts are directed towards identifying and developing new therapies for disease areas that include Diabetes, Auto-immune and neurological disorders. Mankind’s focused and well defined strategy has enabled us to identify promising candidates and we are building a robust pipeline of molecules for our preclinical and clinical developments. This steady movement will ensure that at least one compound enters the clinical phase in terms of first-in-human studies each year. Mankind has adopted cost-efficient development approach, in which novel compounds are filtered at every stage before entering development and differentiated by efficacy with a focus on enhanced safety. Our NDDR has comprehensive capabilities for target identification, lead discovery/optimization and preclinical and clinical studies.

Medicinal chemists conceptualize, design and synthesize NCEs using their expertise in organic chemistry, biochemistry and computational chemistry. Modern analytical and spectroscopic instruments and skilled analytical scientists play a major role in structure elucidation, preclinical development and GLP bio-analytical studies.