Formulation Research & Development

Mankind’s endeavour to create generic formulations is inspired by the philosophy of bringing good health to many by offering more than 100 high quality generic versions of expensive innovator medicines. As one of the most vertically-integrated global generic formulations majors, Mankind is committed to transparency, innovation and quality.

A team of proficient and experienced scientists, technicians and chemists works relentlessly to solve tough challenges and provide innovative solutions for patients around the globe. Formulation and development processes occur across major therapeutic areas - Gastro-intestinal ailments, Cardiovascular disease, Pain management, Oncology, Anti-infective, Paediatric and Dermatology - to deliver intellectual property to the organization. Mankind strives to discover engineering solution of drug therapies to improve safety and efficacy.

Currently, Mankind is working on enhancing the bioavailability of molecules which may lead to reduction in dose and increase the safety profile of drug.

Mankind develops generic products of various dosage forms as mentioned below -

  • Tablets: Multilayer tablets, compression-coated tablets, inlay tablets.
  • Capsule: Pellets of immediate-release, sustained-release and delayed-release.
  • Liquid orals: Syrups and suspensions.
  • Topical products: Ointments, creams and gel preparations
  • Taste-masking technologies.
  • Dry syrup technologies.
  • Effervescent technologies.

Mankind’s product portfolio includes formulations from Antibiotics, CVS, CNS, Anti-asthma, Anti-TB, Diabetology, Dermatology, Gastro-intestinal, which have been trusted by patients and doctors across the globe.

New Drug Delivery System

Mankind’s diversified fields of research includes platform technologies like nanotechnology, specifically nano-medicines, SEDDS, SMEDDS, Oros technology, OFT(Oral Film Technology), Transdermal drug delivery system, MDIs (Metered Dose Inhalers), Micro-encapsulation, Multi-particulate system, and Lipid-based drug delivery system for creating life-saving medicines.