This section is engaged in developing new concepts about keeping skin young beautiful & treating with gentle care. We give shape to new ideas and try to set new trends in world of derma.

Heading towards leader of cosmeceuticals

  • With unique and effective formulation.
  • Very sound team of technical personnel who takes care of products positioning and well designing of product
  • Working on more than 100 products.
  • Gather information about new researches across the globe.
  • Our team takes active participation in debates and discussion.
  • Our scientists are very energetic with smart brains ready to take kind of new challenges.

Our product line:

  • Hair Care
  • Skin Care
  • Body Care

We take great pride in the success of our products under the umbrella of lifestar ranging from products like:

  • Intiwash
  • Skinbless - SPF 30 PA+++
  • Alograce Moisturising lotion
  • Skinbless Lite Cream
  • Calapure Lotion
  • Acnestar
  • Alograce Cream
  • Acnestar Soap
  • Thermokind - F Gel
  • Dermabless Cream