Mankind Pharma, the 5th fastest growing pharmaceutical company: IMS Health Monthly Report.

Within a short span of 20 years, Mankind Pharma, has set the Indian pharmaceutical industry astonished by achieving the rank of 5th largest and fastest growing company of India. According to the IMS Health Mankind Pharma has earned revenue of 2700 crores by the month of December 2014 with the growth rate of 18 %. The category measured and scored the firm’s ability to deliver innovation to market, by objectively measuring Mankind Pharma’s performance. Established in 1995, Meerut-based Mankind Pharma, with a vision of becoming a leading global pharmaceutical company has dedicated itself in developing a wide portfolio of generics and new products. With an annual growth of 25%, Mankind Pharma has gained an annual turnover of Rs. 2,700 crore in the fiscal year 2013-2014. In the last 10 years, Mankind has grown at an average of 30%, against an industry average of 12%. Mankind Pharma is steadily marking significant achievements with their R&D capabilities along with substantial increase in investments in creating the mechanism of novel drug delivery system, developing patentable and cost effective active pharmaceutical ingredients and finished formulations. The company’s diversified research has propelled innovative processes to drive innovation in the field of nanotechnology, oral film technology, trans dermal drug delivery, microencapsulation, multi particulate system, lipid based drug delivery system and several other technologies for creating lifesaving medicines for masses. Mr. R C Juneja, Chairman and Founder, Mankind Pharma, commenting on the achievement said, “With innovation and continuous research and development, we have successfully achieved the prestigious reward. Our unique business model, gives us access to originate products in various markets around the world. We are among the very few Indian pharmaceutical companies that offer a wide range of both generic and innovator products.”