Mankind Pharma launches ‘Heal-o-Kind’ for topical wounds

The OTC business division of Mankind Pharma has launched ‘Heal-o-Kind- First Aid ka all rounder’, a four-in-one gel containing nano crystalline silver to treat multiple injuries like wounds, burns, bruises and cuts. The product has been introduced pan India. Heal-o-Kind’ has been developed by the scientists at Mankind Pharma’s R&D centre in Manesar, Gurgaon, using the most advanced technology in the regard called the Nano crystalline silver which easily get absorbed in the skin and heals wound faster as compared to bigger particle size of competitors. The gel based ointment, is transparent and stains free in nature which enables the healing of the wound visible. Also Heal-o-kind has an anti-bacterial action formula making the product a high safety profile ideal for mass use.