Mankind Pharma to expand business, looks for new markets

Mankind Pharma is planning to expand its business with a renewed focus on nutraceuticals and healthcare OTC products and exports to new international markets. The company is also looking at setting up a plant in Rajasthan. Having already established itself in Sri Lanka, Cambodia and East Africa, the company now plans to offer its products in South, West and North Africa and also in other Asian countries, the drugmaker said in a release here. The Delhi-based company, which manufactures OTC products like Adiction deodorant and Manforce condom, is focusing on the development of nutraceuticals (food or food products that provide health and medical benefits). As there is a rise in cardiac diseases, diabetes and respiratory problems at the global level, the company's strategy fits best in serving a protection against such chronic ailments, the release said. R C Juneja, CEO and Chairman of Mankind Pharma, said, "To our pipeline of chronic cardio vascular diseases and diabetic management (drugs), we are adding nutraceuticals. We are working on drug development and new delivery systems in our research and development facility." "We are going to set up an active pharmaceutical ingredients unit at Udaipur, Rajasthan in the next 5 years. By 2015-16, we plan to launch 100 products and hire 1,000 people, which will make our total number (workforce) reach 10,000. We invest Rs 200-300 crore each year to grow our business," Juneja said