Shruti Hassan unveils Mankind Pharma's 'ACNESTAR' range of products Shruti Hassan unveils Mankind Pharma's 'ACNESTAR' range of products

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Shruti Hassan unveils Mankind Pharma's 'ACNESTAR' range of products.

New Delhi, June 6 (ANI-NewsVoir): Mankind Pharma, one of the top pharmaceutical companies in India announced the debut of 'Acnestar', an anti-acne range of gel and soap suitable for mild to moderate skin types.

Shruti Hassan, the heartthrob of Indian Gen Y, endorses Acnestar and finds it the ultimate solution for the acne problems.

Although, teens suffer the most, acne can develop at any age and needs to be treated with proper medication. Unlike other face gels, Acnestar is easily absorbed by the skin, thereby keeping it moisturized, soft and supple.

Its unique three-way action works efficiently and effectively, leaving clear and acne free skin. First step is to wash face with Acnestar soap which contains benzoyl peroxide that attacks bacteria on skin.

Upon rinsing the foam, it gradually liberates oxygen in the presence of water, which helps in reducing acne. It also removes dirt and excess oil from the skin. Further, the application of Acnestar Gel helps in treating existing acne and leaves nothing but a clear skin.

Acnestar gel contains Clindamycin which acts as an anti-bacterial and Nicotinamide which prevents swelling and redness caused due to pimples and acne.

Acnestar is available in the market, priced at Acnestar gel 15 gm pack for Rs. 70 and 75 gm Acnestar soap for Rs. 59.89. (ANI-NewsVoir)

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