Sania Mirza becomes the face of 'Kaloree1' Sania Mirza becomes the face of 'Kaloree1'

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Sania Mirza scores an ace by becoming the face of Mankind's 'Kaloree1'

We all live in a world that is fast paced and everything needs to be done 'yesterday'. In our day to day quest of running after our goals, we may gain 'fiscal fitness', but, we tend to lose heavily of physical fitness.

That's where 'Kaloree1' comes in the picture. Coming from the most prestigious flagship of Mankind, 'Kaloree1' is an artificial sweetener, which has been aimed especially for those who have no time to look after themselves.

In simple words, 'Kaloree1' is basically a "an artificial sweetener" that tastes like sugar in the food and make it less on calories, thus, serving as a perfect fit for diabetics, fitness freaks and obese people.

Given the results that 'Kaloree1' has yielded, one has to admit that, today, it has become a 'must-have' for all the fitness freaks, diabetic and obese people.

True to the adage, 'One ace deserves another', 'Kaloree1' has signed Sania Mirza as its prestigious Brand Ambassador. And with the tennis ace Sania Mirza endorsing 'Kaloree1', one just couldn't have asked for more in terms of 'brand fit'.

While Sania Mirza is known for her fitness, 'Kaloree1' is known for its amazing technique of keeping everyone fit. On her own admission, Sania Mirza said, "Being healthy is one of the most important things in life. If you are not healthy, you cannot enjoy what you have achieved. I love shooting for products that I truly believe in and I'm very proud to be associated with Kaloree1, which helps you to stay healthy


The good news is that the viewers will soon get to witness a TV commercial for 'Kaloree1', which will feature the stunning Sania Mirza. And for those who have already become health conscious after reading this, we are sure that you must be wanting to reach out to get your hands on 'Kaloree1', the apt substitute for sugar.

With so many benefits and much more packed into one, all that one can say is 'Staying Healthy can be so much fun. with 'Kaloree1'.