SafeKind launches first digital campaign on safe loo access to women SafeKind launches first digital campaign on safe loo access to women

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SafeKind launches first digital campaign on safe loo access to women

SafeKind toilet seat disinfectant spray the personal hygiene brand from the house of Mankind Pharma has launched its first-ever digital campaign highlighting the importance of toilet seat sanitiser sprays while using the public toilet to prevent UTI.

The campaign features popular actor Delnaz Irani, and other women from different fields of life who share their personal experiences of using a public toilet. The video manifests that SafeKind toilet seat disinfectant spray will take care of women's biggest worry by killing 99.9% of germs within a few second and protecting them from UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) while making sure consumer gets a clean and fresh toilet every time. SakeKind toilet seat disinfectant spray gives a soothing fragrance and leaves a freshness after every spray.

With the campaign, SafeKind shares the message loud that there is no need to feel embarrassed, and girls can conquer the world like a pro with SafeKind Toilet Seat Disinfectant Spray.

The brand intends to educate people about the importance of sanitisation and prevent UTI which has become a major concern among women. The infection involves greater risk when one uses public washrooms that are often unclean and unhygienic. Apart from Toilet seats and toilet tops, it is important to spray the disinfectant on flush, faucets, doorknobs and other hard surfaces to avoid the chances of getting infected.

Commenting on the campaign, Joy Chatterjee, General Manager- Sales and Marketing, Mankind Pharma said, “With this campaign, we want the women to take charge of their well-being, and frequently start using SafeKind Toilet Seat Disinfectant Spray to stay safe from being infected. The COVID-19 infection has put a stressing need to maintain your personal hygiene consciousness, now more and more people are looking for such convenient products to remain free from any infection. But there is a greater need to aware people around adopting such products, our objective is that women doesn’t have to deal with an ordeal experience when it comes to hygiene.”

Mankind Pharma, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in India aspires to move towards a healthy nation.