Our Brand

Mankind’s in-house capabilities and trusted network of partners have helped it become one of the most competitive and successful companies in the pharmaceutical industry.

Racing towards a turnover of Rs 50000 million, Mankind’s success is attributed to the out-of-box thinking capabilities and strategies of its experienced management team and field force. As a performance driven company, Mankind values integrity, customer-focus and team work and offers its employees an atmosphere conducive to their growth, health and well-being.

Mankind’s tireless commitment to quality has earned the trust of its valued customers. Each product passes through a series of stringent checks and controls before being made available to the customer.

The Name

The company name ‘Mankind’ was inspired from the belief that health is the most precious gift to mankind and this ethos is enshrined in Mankind’s aim of working together to preserve this most precious gift.

The Logo

A bold and dynamic variation of the letter ‘M’ signifies leadership. The arrow denotes aiming high, while bold lines with an arrow signify the speed with which the company grows and flourishes.

The Colour

The colour code denotes the trust that customers and partners have in the company to deliver quality products.


Our motto of 'Serving Life' encompasses 3 major pillars:

Affordability : The very foundation of the company was laid on the belief that affordable medicine is the right of every citizen. Mankind is committed to making medicines accessible to the people.

Reach : Since more than 50% of the total population of India resides in villages, their medical needs often go unattended. Along with metros and Class-I towns, Mankind has concentrated in Class II to VI towns and rural areas to ensure that affordable medicine reaches to every part of India.

Quality : Mankind’s unending commitment to quality has made it the most reliable pharmaceutical company. Delivering quality medicines at affordable prices makes healthcare accessible to the people.