Mankind’s journey began in 1995 with only 53 Medical Representatives and Managers. Today, Mankind is one of the top 5 leading pharmaceutical companies in India, over 2250 dedicated field force.

Mankind Pharma achieved a turnover of Rs. 12500 million for the fiscal year 2015-16 with a growth of 13%. It contributed in Mankind Group of Company’s sales which was Rs. 39450 million in 2015-16.

Mankind Pharma focuses on a variety of therapeutic segments such as Cardiovascular, Antibiotics, Gastro-Intestinal, Anti-Allergic, Antifungal, Nutritional, NSAID’s and Gynaecological.

Mankind has launched many innovative and successful products such as Noragyl, Ranispas, Ranidomin the Indian market and economical brands like Nurokind, Moxikind and Telmikind.

The total net worth of Mankind Pharma’s products is as follows: Moxikind (Rs. 1540 million), Telmikind (Rs. 1080 million), Amlokind (Rs. 1040 million), Nurokind (Rs. 770 million), Zenflox (Rs. 720 million) and Cefakind (Rs. 560 million)

Mankind Pharma gives equal emphasis to quality and compliance. All our manufacturing processes are adhere to GMP guidelines to ensure excellent quality standards.

Technology and Research and Development play a vital role in creating quality healthcare products. Mankind manufactures a wide range of dosage forms including oral solids, oral liquids, soft gelatine capsules and injectables. It also creates products that require specialized conditions such as controlled-release pharmaceutical products, controlled humidity and temperature conditions.

Mankind Pharma’s mission is to improve the quality of life, to continue to be recognized as a reliable provider of healthcare products and nurture innovation that leads to collective excellence.


Established in the year 2002, Discovery Mankind is a sister concern one of the flagship divisions of Mankind Pharma, with a turnover of Rs. 10320 million.

Driven by the ethos of ‘Serving Life’, the strength of the Discovery Mankind is rooted in its dynamic team which has helped create a strong presence across the country.

Discovery Mankind’s product portfolio includes Anti-Diabetic, Anti-infective, Nutritionals, Gynaecological, Anti-fungal, Anti-allergic and Gastro-intestinal drugs. With major focus on Anti-Diabetic, Discovery Mankind offers a product-mix ranging from Monotherapy to Combination therapy that caters to the medical needs of patients with products like Dynaglipt, Health ok, Glykind-M, Glimestar, Glucomust and Voglistar Range.

Discovery Mankind provides affordable products of excellent quality that are best-in-class in their respective segments. Some of the first ranked brands belonging to Discovery Mankind are Mahaflox, Lizoforce, Candiforce, Fynal-OZ, Monticope, Pentakind, Caldikind Plus, Nobel Gel, Terbinaforce Cream and Nurokind.

The price penetration policy is the driving force behind Discovery Mankind’s market success. By keeping profit margins at a minimum, it has extended the benefits to patients by establishing a mutual platform of trust and solidarity between prescribers and products. Brands such as Health-OK, Orthoboon and Nurokind-Next have been widely acknowledged across various medical fraternities.

Discovery Mankind is committed to providing accessible healthcare to people by assuring world-class support in terms of treatment and medicines across therapeutic segments.


Future Mankind began in 2007 with a meagre turnover of Rs. 29.2 million. It reached a turnover of Rs. 3550 million with a growth of 25% in 2015-16 and aims to achieve a turnover of Rs.4100 million in 2016-17.

Future Mankind is driven by innovation to provide quality pharmaceutical products at affordable prices with exclusive packaging and promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

Currently, Future Mankind has a best-in-class multi-cultural field force of 1800 across India with widespread network of stockists ensuring a strong presence across the nation.

Future Mankind specializes in manufacturing products for Neuropsychiatry and Dentistry. Future Mankind’s product portfolio includes prescription medicines ranging across therapeutic areas such as Anti-infective, Anti-allergic, Nutritional and Gastrointestinal formulations.

Top Products like Nurokind, Clonafit, Moxiforce, Reheptin, Zady, Thermokind, Histafree,Ranidom, Flora, Gudlax, Vitagreat contribute to the success of Future Mankind.

Nurokind gold, has set high standards of excellence in the pharmaceutical market as energy supplement, available in capsule, injection and sachet form. Future Mankind will continue to perform its best in the pharmaceutical market, progressing towards a better, healthier and happier world.


Special Mankind, one of Mankind’s fastest growing divisions, is renowned for providing OTC and consumer products that include top-selling brands across several categories.

Today, Manforce Condom, PregaNews, Unwanted-72, Acnestar are the flagship brands which hold the top position in the OTC segment. In addition to this brands like Heal-O-Kind, Kaloree 1, Gas-O-Fast, Adiction Deodorant further diversify the basket.

Shruti Hassan endorsed Acnestar Gel is an acne specialist which was launched through a 360 degree campaign.

One of the recent launches in the antacid category includes - Gasofast Active Sachet which contains the goodness of Natural Carminative Agents like Jeera & Ajwain in a delicious taste. The product has led to a storm in the market.

Major driving force behind the success of Special Mankind is the Planned Strategic approach which has led to a directional brand building. Correct Choice of the endorser, strong positioning and brand communication, product- consumer connect and micro level distribution are the factors which have delivered the required results.

Popular faces associated with Special Mankind Brands are - Kareena Kapoor, Sunny Leone, Shilpa Shetty, Varun Dhawan, Shruti Hassan & Sania Mirza who have been able to build a strong consumer connect.

Special Mankind believes in Omnipresence marketing solutions, hence, catering to all possible advertising platforms. Strong presence across electronic & print media is further enhanced with social media and BTL Advertisements, ranging from a small site hoarding to huge metro wraps; Special Mankind leaves no stone unturned.

Special Mankind has over 1000 dedicated field personnel that make a strong distribution network which helps in reaching out to Tier-II & Tier-III cities as well. The distribution network continues to grow, venturing into new retail chains and centralised stores.

With cutting-edge R&D centre, GMP-certified manufacturing units and marketing excellence, Special Mankind continues to provide the best quality products in FMCG and OTC categories.


Vet Mankind is a division of Mankind Pharma that focuses on the veterinary industry to promote the future of animal healthcare. Initially,Vet Mankind stepped into the dairy industry with medicines and feed supplements for cattle that eventually raised the popularity of its economical and quality products amongst livestock owners and dairy farms.

Today, Vet Mankind has a total field force of approximately 700 and a stockist network spread across the country. Vet Mankind achieved a turnover of Rs.1380 million in fiscal year 2015-16 with a growth of 23%, and is set to achieve Rs.1700 million in the next financial year.

Vet Mankind has manufactured several innovative and unique products like Calsimust Gel, Multistar Liquid, Calcimust Strong Liquid, Nurokind-Plus Vet Injection, Enerdyna Liquid, Totavit Strong Powder, Ceftiforce Injection & Enrostrong. To meet the growing needs of the industry, Vet Mankind will soon launch a range of products that comprises poultry feed supplements, immunity modulators, growth promoters, and laxatives.

After carving a niche in the domestic market, Vet Mankind has also entered the international market by starting operations in Nepal through proper distribution channels and a skilled field force.

Vet Mankind strives to improve business processes and work standards by focusing on providing marketing tools and technical training the field force, as well as improving coverage and culture to be in sync with Mankind’s philosophy of ‘Serving Life’.