Domestic Formulations

Mankind acquired Magnet Labs Pvt Ltd in 2007 with a base of only Rs. 20 million, within 10 years reached Rs. 2300 million and aims to achieve a turnover of Rs. 3000 million by the year 2018-19. It strives to bring affordable medicines to areas where a majority of patients needs are unmet.

Magnet Mankind is committed for achieving customer satisfaction, providing products and services of the highest quality and managing operations with responsibility for safety and environment. A well-trained and qualified field force of 1200 is engaged in developing specialised and chronic therapies across the country. The diversity of products, technologies, markets and people at Magnet Mankind inspire new ideas and ways of addressing the changing health needs.

Magnet Mankind ambitions are:

  • To create and surpass new performance standards
  • To challenge complacency - embrace change and continuously improve work standards and business processes
  • To take on new challenges.

Magnet Mankind covers all major therapy areas, including Anti-bacterial, Nutritional, Gastro-intestinal, Pain management, Anti–allergic and Central Nervous System.

Its stringent adherence to quality, extensive marketing reach and premium packaging has enabled products to emerge as top brands in their respective segments. Some of its top-selling products are Brutacef, Nurokind Forte, Brutaflam, Hepakind, Gut-OK, Menohelp, Ubinext-LC, Rifastop, Ranidom-RD , Protijump , Gudgesic & Histakind.

Magnet aspires to create a healthier world. Its strategic vision of providing quality products at affordable prices has transformed into new ways of thinking, a new journey for growth and medical breakthroughs for patients.