Domestic Formulations

Lifestar Pharma began in 2005 as the first separate financial entity of Mankind with a base of Rs. 90 million. By 2016-17, Lifestar achieved remarkable success with a turnover of Rs. 7100 million. Lifestar Pharma aims to achieve a turnover of Rs. 8400 million by 2017-18 with a growth of 18%.

Lifestar Pharma product portfolio includes prescription medicines ranging across therapeutic areas such as Dermatology, Gynaecology, Ophthalmology, Antibiotics, Respiratory, Anti-malarial, and Gastro-intestinal.

Lifestar Pharma has always aimed at providing world-class products in public domain. The major contributor in sales of Lifestar Pharma is the GOD segment (Gynaecological, Ophthalmic and Dermal). Some of Lifestar Pharma’s brands are Gudcef Range, Asthakind, Argipreg, Terbinaforce, Hairbless, Ovabless, Biopreg-F, Urikind KM Sachet and Entromax.

Lifestar Pharma continues to be a low-cost warrior. All products are affordable (up to 50 percent economical) as compared to other competitor brands. Lifestar carved a niche for itself by entering rural markets and slashing drug prices, making it one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies within a decade. Economical products include Mahaflox Eye drops, Terbinaforce TABLETS, Asthakind, Ventidox –M.

The product spectrum encompasses brands which have been launched in India for the first time and is one of the main drivers of growth for Lifestar Pharma.

Lifestar Pharma’s strategic vision of serving life with products of outstanding quality at affordable prices has transformed the pharmaceutical industry towards new ways of thinking.