Environment, Health and Safety Policy

At Mankind Pharma we are fully committed to achieve excellence in Environment, Health and Safety and conduct our activities in more responsible way.

We achieve the same by
  • Complying with all applicable laws and regulations and other requirements as applicable to our operations.
  • We provide safe working environment for our employees, contractors, visitors and other stake holders.
  • Energy conservation, recovery, recycling, reuse and reduction of waste, minimising hazards and risks, preventing injury and ill health.
  • We provide system to encourage employees and contractors reporting all incidents including near miss. Also identify and report unsafe acts/ conditions and correcting it by taking appropriate CAPA in a time bound program.
  • We provide adeguate resources for effective and continual improvement in the EHS management system and its performance.
  • Adopting best practices in EHS management system through effective communication and provide necessary training to all employees and contractors.

EHS Policy