Environmental Health and Safety

Our Duty

Businesses are there to grow and make profits. But it should never be at the cost of the environment and the safety of the employees. When we started out, it was with the sole objective of making life better. Nothing much has changed now. We want to make sure that lives we touch get better, which includes not just our consumers, but our employees and the environment we work in. It's our duty.

EHS Policy

For the overall health and safety of our employees and the environment, we have put in place an Environmental Health and Safety Policy (EHS Policy). And we are pretty strict about it.

Let us decode it for you

EHS policy is a step by step process towards responsible manufacturing practices that takes meticulous study, preparation and then acting on it. It also involves putting various systems in place to make operations safe for the employees and the environment. Here they are.

Setting a Goal

To begin with, EHS policy includes establishing standard documented procedures and guidelines and setting up of corporate EHS goals.

Assessing potential risk

Then comes identifying workplace and environmental hazards through organisational risk assessment process.

Time to act

After identifying the risks, the next logical step is implementation of necessary control measure.

Not just corrective

And not just corrective, EHS also involves taking preventive measure. It means accounting for EHS in key business decisions such as plant layout, equipment, manufacturing and distributing process. All to maximise safety and promote energy-efficiency.

Check on carbon footprint

The machinery we install has to pass through rigorous quality checks including carbon emission test. Only those machines make it to our factory that minimises carbon footprint and maximises productivity.


The manufacturing process uses up a lot of natural resources. We strive to give it back. By recycling water, fuel and energy and by reducing waste we give back to the environment what we've taken.

In and around

And not just inside the units, we promote greening of the environment by planting trees around our units.

Keeping at it

Besides adopting new technologies to make our work-place safer for the employees and the environment, we are engaged in continuous research and development to introduce new and better ways of operation.

Back to school

Safety of our people is our top priority. For this, we conduct training and awareness classes for our employees and contractual workers on a regular basis.

Keeping a record

Accidents do happen. The idea is to prevent it from happening again. For that, we document such cases, if any, the conduct thorough investigation to its cause and promptly adopt measure so that it's never repeated again. It helps us reach our goal of zero accident.

Keeping a tab

Our responsibility doesn't end in adopting EHS measure. We review them periodically to check compliances, to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate for the organization.