Distribution Network & Logistics

  • 10000+

  • 60

    CFAs and CSAs
  • 5


Distribution is an important activity in the integrated supply chain management of pharmaceutical products. To maintain the original quality of pharmaceutical products and integrity of distribution chain, Mankind complies with applicable legislations and regulations, and strictly adheres to “Good Distribution Practices” & “Good Storage Practices”.

Its state-of-the-art facilities are designed to comply with USFDA guidelines. All manufacturing facilities have controlled temperature and relative humidity, secured warehouses for finished goods and transportation vehicles to move finished goods from the manufacturing site to the central warehouse. Mankind Pharma ensures that goods are shipped in closed, clean and secured vehicles. Each vehicle has GPS to track and ensure safe transit.

Central warehouse is specifically designed and built with separate storage sections with respect to specific conditions to accommodate and preserve goods. The distribution of goods from the central warehouse to Carry and Forwarding is done in closed vehicles as per FEFO/FIFO. Fully integrated technology and service meet the immediate need of healthcare market from manufacturing to final sales and result in synergies of revenue.

Geographical Reach

Mankind ensures that its products reach throughout India. It now covers:

  • 4 Regions
  • 36 States in 4 Regions
  • 11 Metro Cities
  • 44 Tier-I Cities
  • 45 Tier-II Cities
  • 109 Tier-III Cities
  • 300+ Tier IV to Tier V Cities
  • 650,000 Villages

Distribution Structure

To cater to this wide geographical coverage, Mankind is equipped with a strong, compliant and efficient distribution structure. It distributes products through:

  • 60 CFAs and CSAs
  • 5 Warehouses
  • 10000+ Stockists
  • 1,850,000+ Chemists and Medical Stores
  • 450,000+ Doctors
  • Around 470,000,000 End Consumers

Product Portfolio

Mankind has three legal entities - Mankind, Lifestar and Magnet and 2500 SKUs and 1500 Physician Sample SKUs divided into 10 divisions, as well as various products in different therapeutic segments.

Product Portfolio

    Technology as Enabler

  • Mankind has a well-managed MPLS and VPN infrastructure with 99% uptime guarantee.
  • Mankind’s SAP and in-house developed CMR Application caters to 14,000 employees for authentic and accurate information.
  • SAP makes processes effective and efficient through integration across functions and appropriate checks and controls. It also helps bring data visibility and transparency.
  • Centralized 'Master Data Management Tool' ensures data validation, accuracy and availability across application platforms.
  • Appropriate 'Lead Time' maintenance and management in each process and function has ensured the timely production, procurement and delivery of the SKUs to meet the requirements in the market.
  • Tools like ‘DRP and MRP’ auto-generate STOs (Stock Transfer Orders), ISRs (Inter Site Requests), PR (Purchases Requisitions), Purchase and Process Orders.
  • Constraint based ‘Capacity Planning Tool’ along with integrated ‘Inventory and Quality’ management has proved very useful for batch and work centre scheduling and management.
  • A well-defined process with checks and controls in distribution enables good distribution practice across companies and facilitates space and transport management.
  • Comprehensive ‘Invoicing Portal’ enables Mankind to handle largest transaction volume at all primary sale points.