Better Planet

 “We Are There to Care”.

We believe in giving back to the community and in preserving the culture, values and tradition to create an equitable society. To fulfil our social responsibility, our programmes are designed to meet the emerging needs of society and to make our world healthy and happy.

This is why we introduced Care Mankind in 2010. Our aim was to address the challenges faced by our society and help those that are unable to care for their basic requirements. Our projects were not limited to financial help as we wanted to make a long term commitment and care for their well-being. Our CSR policy helps ensure that we reach our goals by:

  • Reinforcing different NGOs in their missions.
  • Providing medical assistance by organizing camps and distributing free medicines.
  • Organizing awareness programs for the benefit, security and welfare for all ages.
  • Enacting green initiatives to preserve nature.

Mankind believes that spreading awareness about a particular disease will further improve the health card of our nation. Hence, Project Shikha was initiated and a team of volunteers were entrusted to spread awareness in villages and cities about communicable diseases, importance of hygiene, and providing first aid in medical emergency.

Nanhe Kadam

Our children are most vulnerable to diseases. Through Nanhe Kadam, we endeavour to educate families and children on the importance of good hygiene and empower them through better health and education. Nanhe Kadam aims to make our society more inclusive by focussing on issues of homelessness, deprivation, drug abuse among children and enabling community support services.

Nari Abhgyata

Under Nari Abhgyata, our employees volunteer to spread awareness about the various health problems faced by the women of our society. We partner with NGOs and societies dedicated to the welfare of women. Nari Abhgyata focusses on AIDS, Breast Cancer, Pregnancy Care, Menopause and Health Care regime at different stages of life. Doctors accompany the volunteers to provide necessary medical counsel.

Jan Jagrukta

Jan Jagrukta is designed to promote numeracy and literacy among all age groups. It also focusses on health programs for the elderly which are coordinated through different old age homes in Delhi. Jan Jagrukta also spreads awareness on the importance of preserving the environment and natural resources and conducts educational and healthcare programs.


Mankind organizes BMD camps throughout India to make people aware about Bone Mineral Deficiency. We also make arrangements for a Mobile Clinic to visit different slum areas on monthly basis to provide medical assistance. Voluntary blood donation camps are conducted within our office premises to help patients in need of blood transfusion.


CSR Policy