Recruitment FAQs

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  1. How can I apply in Mankind?
    You can visit our career webpage and get yourself registered. After the completion of registration process, you can then apply for suitable current job openings as per your requirement.

  2. How do I know the status of my application in Mankind?
    You can login your account on our career webpage and check the current status of your application. You can also check your registered email ID as mail notification is sent whenever there is change in application status.

  3. What if I do not find an opportunity immediately?
    In case you do not find any suitable current opening, you may then submit your resume in our databank available on our career webpage.

  4. How will I be evaluated for a career opportunity with Mankind?
    You will be evaluated against predefined selection criteria for the current job opening in terms of educational, technical and behavioural skills.

  5. If I'm not selected for one position, can I submit my resume for another position?
    Yes, you can apply for another position matching your skill-set.

  6. When will the final results of the interview be available?
    You can check your application status on our career webpage for the Interview Status within 3 working days.

  7. How will I continue to grow as a professional in Mankind?
    Career growth at Mankind is based solely on performance. We foster a dynamic work environment by providing opportunities for learning, training and development that enhance employee satisfaction, productivity and career development.

  8. If I have worked with Mankind earlier and I want to be a part of the organization again, how can I re-apply?
    For the ease and comfort of the ex-Mankindians, we have a separate section by the name of Mankind Alumni on the career page wherein you can login and apply but can also refer your friends for current suitable openings.

  9. Who do I reach out to if I have any questions about the on-boarding process in Mankind?
    For all queries regarding on-boarding, you need to contact the concerned recruiter.

  10. I still have questions. May I talk with someone?
    Unfortunately, due to the volume of applicants we cannot give informational interviews. If you have a specific question that isn’t answered above, please send an email to