World Heart Day: 5 Ways Exercising Keeps your Heart Healthy

World Heart Day: 5 Ways Exercising Keeps your Heart Healthy

Exercising is one of the best ways of keeping yourself healthy, both physically and mentally. While regular exercising helps to ensure a longer life, various scientific studies claim that it also plays a key role in improving the mood of an individual while reducing depression, anxiety or stress.

According to health and medical experts, physical activity is highly beneficial for gaining muscles and supporting weight loss. Furthermore, it is also known to increase the body’s energy levels, improve skin health, and significantly reduce the risk of many chronic diseases.

Various studies have also revealed that exercising holds an impressive potential for improving the heart health of people. It is claimed that pairing a regular exercising routine with a healthy and nutritious diet ensures wholesome body functioning and keeps the heart healthy.

Here are some ways exercising keeps the human heart healthy:

1. Lowers down the blood pressure

Exercising is a great way to ensure healthy heart functioning. According to health experts, it improves the process of blood pumping throughout the body and encourages the heart to push out more blood with each heartbeat. This decreases stress on the heart and arteries that further lowers down the blood pressure.

High blood pressure or hypertension is one of the major risk factors that can lead to severe heart problems. However, exercising works as a beta-blocker and reduces the blood force against the arteries to minimize these risks. Health experts suggest people to do regular cardiovascular exercises as they help in maintaining optimal blood pressure levels.

2. Improves the flow of blood

Regular exercising enables the heart to improve blood flow in small vessels that share a high risk of blockage (due to fatty deposits). This better blood circulation is known to minimize the risk of heart attacks. Various researches also claim that exercising aids in the creation of strong physical connections between these small blood vessels.

3. Lowers down cholesterol levels

High cholesterol is referred to as the surge of certain bad fats (or lipids) in the blood. It can lead to the development of fatty deposits in the blood vessels that can eventually increase the risk of heart diseases. However, many researches claim that exercising can lead to improvements in the cholesterol levels. It helps in increasing the amount of healthy HDL cholesterol while lowering down the unhealthy LDL cholesterol.

4. Minimizes the risk of heart diseases

The minimized risk of various heart diseases, strokes and diabetes is one of the primary benefits of regular exercising. According to medical experts, exercising can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by a considerable amount in both men and women. It also helps in keeping the blood sugar at nominal levels and significantly reduces the risk of pre-diabetes and type-2 diabetes.

5. Reduces stress and promotes good health

Stress hormones leverage extra burden on the heart and act as a barrier against healthy heart functioning. However, exercising helps in lowering down this pressure and works wonderfully well to eliminate stress and depression. Aerobic exercises, resistance exercises, and yoga are some of the best stress management exercises.

A combination of aerobic workouts like walking, running, swimming, and other heart-pumping exercises along with strength training is considered superlative for a healthy heart. Furthermore, certain pharmaceutical products manufactured by the top pharma companies in India also encourage healthy heart functioning.

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