World Health Day 2020: Importance of Good Health

World Health Day 2020: Importance of Good Health

Good health is often regarded as the key to a happy life. However, humans are racing against time in this 21st century and neglecting this extremely essential aspect of life. With the pace of modern life increasing day-by-day and the world becoming more and more technologically advanced, people are forgetting the importance of keeping their body healthy.In fact, a report by the World Health Organization (WHO) asserts that almost 1.9 billion people around the world are either overweight or obese while nearly 462 million people are underweight.

Experts from the pharma industry in India assert that people often take their health for granted which eventually makes their body’s immune system highly vulnerable to diseases and infections.Furthermore, global problems like high pollution levels and climate change have adversely affected humans as they now share an increased risk of a wide range of diseases. Thus, people are strongly suggested to take certain preventive measures in order to savour a healthy and happy life.

Here are some major reasons that assert the importance of good health:

1. Safety against diseases

Maintaining and sustaining a healthy body can potentially go a long way in preventing serious health conditions like heart attacks, strokes and diabetes. According to the leading pharma company experts, people who are obese or overweight share an increased risk of developing cardiovascular problems. Thus, it is important for people to manage their weight and acknowledge healthy eating habits. Health experts suggest that people should start making small changes in their daily lifestyle while eliminating bad habits like smoking and excessive drinking.Adopting healthy habits can not only safeguard the body against seasonal viral infections but it can also control health problems like arthritis and osteoporosis.

2. Keeps you energetic and active

Lack of proper sleep, insufficient intake of nutrients, and lack of exercise can make people feel lethargic and drowsy throughout the day. This can also hamper their concentration levels and motivation to work, eventually affecting their productivity adversely.In such a scenario, getting proper sleep and nutrition can help people to stay energetic, active and alert.Maintaining good health can boost one’s energy levels, which in turn releases adrenaline that directs the body to cope-up with mild pains self-sufficiently.

3. Prevents sexual disabilities

Various researches claim that poor lifestyle and eating habits can eventually lead to an unhealthy sexual life. Medical experts assert that increase in weight gradually increases the fat percentage in the body, thereby affecting the oestrogen levels and decreasing sex drive.

4. Makes one feel good and boosts self-confidence

Good health helps people to get a more cheerful outlook on life. Health experts assert that people who are overweight or obese often feel bad about the way they look. This tends to demoralise them and makes them lose self-confidence. In such a scenario, a healthy body can make people feel better about themselves, elevate their mood, and surge their self-confidence.

Furthermore, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is also beneficial for the brain health. It can enhance the functioning of the brain and improve memory while helping people fight against depression, anxiety and stress.

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