World First Aid Day: Why basic first aid knowledge is important?

World First Aid Day: Why basic first aid knowledge is important?

Many-a-times people ignore the importance of basic first aid knowledge due to numerous unworthy reasons like time constrains, etc. Some of them even remain in a false belief that they already have enough knowledge should the need arise. However, it is extremely crucial to understand that a human body is skeptical to injuries, sickness and trauma.

Mishaps and accidents can occur irrespective of the time that can leave your loved ones in pain and discomfort. Since feeling helpless in such situations won’t make your loved one’s condition better, it is always advisable to have some elementary knowledge about an appropriate plan of action for emergency situations.

Here are some reasons that reinforce the importance of having basic first aid knowledge:

1. Helps in saving lives

First and foremost, training in basic first aid makes you efficient enough to save lives. According to medical experts, training makes a person more reliable and confident. Trained personnel keep their calm and have strong control over their actions. They are likely to take immediate and appropriate actions in emergency situations to prevent further damage.

2. Increases patient comfort and relieves pain

In cases of emergency, trained personnel can bring immediate comfort (to some extent) to the patient. They can handle the whole situation with calmness and provide proper first aid to relieve the patient’s pain. Furthermore, they understand the nature of injury and are well-versed with the appropriate course of action and procedures during an emergency.

3. Provides you with tools to prevent worsening of situation

In some adverse situations, lack of immediate first aid can lead to deterioration of a patient’s condition. According to health experts, time is the most sensitive aspect during emergency situations as it determines the extent of damage. With training, you learn to use basic household items as tools of first aid in case a proper kit with apt pharmaceutical products and other medications is not available. This empowers you to cope up with various situations with minimal resources.

4. Encourages healthy life and safe living

A person trained in basic first aid is able to assess the surroundings better and eventually act better. Experts believe that knowledge of first aid promotes a sense of safety and well-being among the people. It makes them feel safe and reduces the number of severe casualties in adverse cases.

Basic first aid knowledge empowers you to take care of the victim and prevent his/her condition from getting bad to worse until medical help arrives. Thus, all of us should learn the basics of first aid and encourage others to join the various first aid training camps initiated by the top pharmaceutical companies in India.

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