Importance of Yoga in helping you to Stay Fit and Healthy

Importance of Yoga in helping you to Stay Fit and Healthy

The power of Yoga in keeping a person fit and healthy has now been recognized worldwide. It helps us focus in the right direction, instils positivity, results in a better body posture and leads to healthier breathing patterns. Practicing Yoga along with with good eating habits is the perfect combination for leading a healthier life.

Let us now look at some of best ways Yoga helps in keeping a person fit and healthy:

Muscle Strength

It isn’t just lifting heavy weights that build muscle strength. Various Yoga positions like plank pose, etc. help people in lifting their own body weight. This helps in increasing muscle as well as bone strength.

Increased Heart Rate

The involvement of Sun Salutations in the opening sequence of many Yoga classes drive substantial body heat to keep you safe in your practice. For this reason, Yoga is very similar to cardio and helps in keeping your heart rate up.

Toned Muscles

Yoga is natural and helps in building lean muscles instead of big bulky ones. Practicing Yoga regularly will keep your muscles in better shape for a longer duration.

Building Stamina

Optimal fitness is the key advantage offered by Yoga. The long holds during Ashtanga, Bikram, Hatha classes, etc. primarily focus on endurance and discipline, and lead to a better stamina.


You don’t necessarily have to practice hot Yoga to sweat. The long holds and breathing during Yoga sessions are enough to derive heat and make you sweat. As you sweat, the fluids are effectively released from your body to keep you healthy in the process.

Release of Toxins and Lactic Acid

Every time you practice rigorous Yoga, the body releases the toxins and lactic acid stored in the muscles. This plays a major role in promoting better health and fitness in the muscles.

Diversifying your Diet

Yoga is known to promote a nutritious diet. Yogis are often seen craving for healthy fruits and vegetables throughout the day, and protein immediately after a session. When your body craves for nutritious food, you’re bound to stay fit and healthy.

From the leading Ministers to the leading pharma companies in India, everyone has realized the importance of Yoga. Coupling daily Yoga sessions with a well-balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables will help you stay fit, healthy and enjoy your life to the fullest.

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