Importance of Dental Hygiene and Oral Health

Importance of Dental Hygiene and Oral Health

Dental or oral hygiene is referred to as the practice of keeping your mouth clean and bacteria free. According to dental experts, oral health is one of the most overlooked aspects of health management that increases the prevalence of various health concerns. Thus, it is important to provide proper care to your mouth, teeth and gums in order to keep up with a hygienic day-to-day lifestyle.

Medical researchers believe that a person’s mouth can reflect about his/her overall health and may indicate early signs of infections or diseases, even before prominent symptoms start to appear. A report also suggests that poor dental health may be related to several adverse medical conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, strokes, and dementia.

Some of the major benefits associated with maintaining good oral and dental health include:

Prevents medical and health conditions

According to various medical experts, gum diseases and heart diseases have a strong correlation. Gum diseases can increase the risk of serious health concerns including heart attacks, strokes, uncontrolled diabetes, and preterm labor. It is claimed that bacteria from the mouth can travel in the bloodstream to set up inflammation in the blood vessels. Thus, it is important to practice a good dental hygiene, as a healthy mouth plays a vital role in warding off many medical disorders.

Saliva test

Saliva acts as the primary defense which protects the mouth against the disease causing bacteria and viruses. It contains antibodies that can fight against common cold. Many dentists conduct saliva test for detecting various health problems. Some of the benefits of saliva test include:

  • It measures illegal drugs, environment toxins and hormones
  • It can indicate hepatitis or HIV infection
  • It can determine cortisol levels to test stress response in newborns
  • It can detect certain cancer markers

Protecting oral health

Some of the best ways to improve dental hygiene and oral health include:

  • Brushing teeth at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste manufactured by the top pharma companies
  • Consuming a healthy diet and limiting sugar consumption
  • Avoiding tobacco and smoking
  • Using floss and replacing toothbrush in every 3 to 4 months
  • Scheduling regular dental checkups and cleanings

According to medical experts, oral health care should be considered as an investment in your overall health. It is not only important for living a positive and healthy life, but also empowers a person with peace of mind and boosts his/her self-confidence.

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