How to Correctly Measure Kids Medicine Doses?

How to Correctly Measure Kids Medicine Doses?

Newly born babies and little kids are prone more to diseases, infections and fever due to a weak immune system. Quite often, parents find it difficult to give the right medicine dose to their child because of the perplexing inconsistencies in the dosing instructions listed and the markings on the measuring device.

As per a recent study, 99% of liquid medicines for babies have a difference in the measurements listed in the directions and the markings on the dropper. The inconsistencies can include non-standard abbreviations, missing markings, redundant markings, different units of measurement among many others. These mathematical calculations can be nightmare, especially at night when your little one is in tears due to high fever or any other reason.

The inconsistencies in these measurements can result in overdose which can be very dangerous for young baby. If a wrong quantity of acetaminophen is continuously given to a baby, it can cause liver toxicity.

In order to ensure the correct dosage of medicine to your kid, you can follow the steps below:

  • Note down the standard conversions and keep them next to the medicine box in case of emergency.
    • 5 mL is equivalent to 1 tablespoon
    • 10 mL is equivalent to 2 tablespoon
  • Consult your doctor irrespective of the time if you face any problem in measuring the exact dose amount. It is always better to be 100% sure that your child is getting the right quantity of medicine instead of doing damage control later.
  • As per leading pediatricians, kitchen spoons are not an effective substitute to tablespoons. They cannot give precise readings, are highly inaccurate and a wrong dosage can adversely affect the condition of your child. Ensure to keep clean tablespoons in proximity to your baby’s medicine box.
  • Getting familiar with the measurements that come with the medicine take time. It is best to keep your own measuring devices such as oral syringe, dropper, dosing spoon, etc. to ensure giving your baby the right medicine quantity.

Even the top pharmaceutical companies in India can have confusing contradictions between the dosinginstructions mentioned on their product and markings on the measuring device. For your child’s safety, it is extremely important for you to be absolutely certain that you’re giving him/her the correct dosage. Happy Parenthood!

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