Global Hand Washing Day: 3 Benefits of Regular Hand Washing

Global Hand Washing Day: 3 Benefits of Regular Hand Washing

Human hands are prone to germ build-up as they come in contact with various objects at home, workplace, or while travelling. Our hands touch various objects that are possibly infested with bacteria or germs. These germs can enter the most sensitive part of our body, i.e. the skin and cause serious and threatening infections. However, proper hand washing ensures that our hands are as clean as a whistle.

Hand washing is a healthy habit and an essential hygiene practice. It is the simplest and one of the most effective ways of eliminating harmful germs and bacterial genesis from the hands. According to health experts, regular hand washing can prevent the spread of various diseases and keep the surrounding environment safe, clean and fresh.

Here are some associated benefits that should encourage you to adopt this healthy habit on the occasion of Global Hand Washing Day:

1. Eliminates germs and restricts bacteria

First and foremost, regular hand washing eliminates germs and keeps the hands sanitized. It safeguards you against sickness and restricts the germs from spreading to others. According to medical experts, hand washing minimizes the risk of several infections and ailments like common cold, meningitis, bronchiolitis, flu, hepatitis A, and diarrhoea.

2. Prevents the risk of intestine-related problems

In most cases, causative bacteria enter the body when people consume food with contaminated hands. This can lead to a variety of intestine-related problems and illnesses like diarrhoea or food poisoning. Washing hands before eating eliminates the germs and bacteria that may have been picked up from other people or objects. Though the receptive ailments can be treated easily with natural remedies and pharmaceutical products, prevention still prevails a better option.

3. Prevents common eye infections

According to the leading pharma company experts, eye infections like conjunctivitis, stye and blepharitis etc. are generally caused by bacteria or germs that enter into the eyes through the hands. They result in similar symptoms like redness of the eye, mild pain, itching, and blurry vision. This is the major reason why doctors advice people to refrain themselves from touching their eyes with untidy hands.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, regular hand washing can also prevent the risk of respiratory tract infections like cough, runny nose, nasal discharge, etc. Thus, you should always wash hands with a disinfectant soap and clean water. In case soap or water is not available, you can always use a pocket hand sanitizer manufactured by the top pharmaceutical companies.

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