Everything you Need to Know about Alzheimer’s Disease on this World Alzheimer’s Day

Everything you Need to Know about Alzheimer’s Disease on this World Alzheimer’s Day

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive form of dementia which affects a person’s brain memory, thinking and behavior. It is a neurological disorderthat can adversely impactthe day-to-day lives of people, making them unable to perform their regular activities.

Facts about Alzheimer’s

  • Alzheimer’s symptoms come on gradually and build over a period of time.
  • There is not yet a cure for Alzheimer’s, but proper medication and care can slow down the disease,enabling a person to lead a somewhat normal life.
  • Anyone can be struck by the disease, but the usual suspects are people over the age of 65 and those who have a family history with the disease.
  • Alzheimer’s is not the same for all people. Some people might live a normal life and not get affected too much, whereas others might see a very rapid onset of symptoms and a quicker spread of the disease.

Causes of Alzheimer’s

Some of the most common causes of Alzheimer’s disease include:

  • Age
    Old-age peopleabove 65 years of age are the most common patients of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Family History
    If there is someone in your family who has been struck with the disease, then you’re more likely to develop the condition.
  • Genetics
    Some genes have been closely linked with a higher chance of getting the Alzheimer’s disease.

Symptoms of Alzheimer’s

Let us now look at some of the most common symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease:

  • Reduced ability to process and remember new information. For instance, forgetting/misplacing your personal belongings frequently can be an indication of the condition.
  • Difficulty in problem solving.
  • Rapid mood and personality swings.
  • Not remembering places and time.
  • Difficulty in planning complex activities.

Is there a cure?

Unfortunately, there is no cure for Alzheimer’s as the death of brain cells is an irreversible process. But top researchers in the pharma industry in Indiaare working hard on finding out how the disease affects the brain in order to develop pharmaceutical products which can ensure effective treatment of the condition in times to come.

While many treatments are being currently tested to see whether they can treat the condition or not, having a sound sleep, regular exercising, and eating a well-balanced diet are some of the regular daily healthy habits that may be effective in keeping the disease at bay.

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