4 Best Ways to Protect your Dog from Ticks

4 Best Ways to Protect your Dog from Ticks

The spring and summer seasons are often stressful for dog owners as they struggle to keep the blood sucking ticks away from their four-legged companions. Ticks are small arachnids that become a great concern during the warmer months of the year. They often get attached to the dog’s skin (while they are outdoors) and insert their mouthparts inside the skin to feed on their blood. 

Since dogs are highly susceptible to tick bites and various tick-borne diseases, these creatures may cause serious health issues for your loved one. Thus, it is important to keep your dog far away from these dangerous ticks by taking certain preventive measures.

Let us now look at some of the best ways to protect your dog from ticks: 

Lawn Maintenance 

Dogs are majorly attacked by ticks when they are outdoors. Since ticks become an epidemic in bushy environment, dog owners should try to keep their lawns and garden areas clean and trimmed at all times. They can also consider using various gardening hacks and sprays in order to prevent the tick population from growing in their lawn.  

Bathing Shampoos

Dog experts suggest people to bathe their dogs on a regular basis with medicated shampoos, especially during the summer and spring seasons. These medicated shampoos contain ingredients that attack the tick population without causing any harm to the dog. Bathing shampoos are an inexpensive, easy and effective way of protecting your loved one from ticks during the peak tick seasons. 

Tick Dips

Tick dip is a concentrated chemical and another effective solution to the summer epidemic tick problem. Dog owners should dilute the dip with water before applying it on the dog’s fur coat with the help of a sponge. However, since chemicals used in the dips are strong, they should only be used after proper consultation with an experienced veterinary doctor.  

Tick Collars

These respective collars repel ticks and release anti-tick substances as they make contact with the dog’s fur. According to many dog experts, tick collars can be highly effective in protecting a dog’s vulnerable head and neck areas from tick attacks. 

Apart from the above-mentioned points, it is equally important for dog owners to consult their trusted vets for using other remedies like oral medications, anti-tick powders and sprays manufactured by leading veterinary medicine manufacturers. All these preventive measures can ensure that your dog stays cheerful, active, and tick-free during the peak tick season.

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