5 Common Winter Diseases in India

5 Common Winter Diseases in India

The winter season is soon approaching to provide relief from the sweaty, hot and humid weather. It is the time of the year when people itch on endless cups of ginger tea and coffee in order to rejoice the cool breeze and foggy landscapes. However, this mood can take an unexpected turn as the season also brings along the risk of several diseases and infections.

According to health experts, the body heat experiences a drop with the cooling down of the environment. Sometimes, the body can take time to adjust to these new climatic conditions which can make people susceptible to various winter illnesses.

Here are some common winter diseases prevalent in the Indian subcontinent:

1. Common cold and fever

Cold and fever is the most common winter illness that catches people easily. According to experts, changing weather or exposure to an infected individual can directly impact the kids with low-immunity. Weakness, sniffing, headache, body ache, cough, etc. are some of the most common symptoms of common cold and flu.

2. Tonsils

Tonsils refers to the inflammation of the two oval-shaped tissue pads at the back of the throat. This inflammation results in enlargement of the tonsils with irritation and pain in the throat, which can further make swallowing and gulping of food (and water) a distressing experience. According to medical experts, virus and bacteria in the air are the primary contributors to tonsil infection.

3. Ear infection

Excessive cold and moisture during the winter season may also put people at a higher risk of acute ear infections. Acute ear infection is a common winter problem that can occur overnight. Thus, it is important to identify it as early as possible. Blocking and pain in ears along with itchiness is the primary symptom of the respective winter problem.

4. Joint pain

Though there is no scientific or medical evidence that supports the prevalence of joint pain exclusively in winters, many people do suffer from it. However, the same cannot be asserted for people suffering from arthritis as they experience severe joint pain. Medical experts claim that the pain receptors in the body become more sensitive with the drop in atmospheric pressure during the winter season. This drop leads to the swelling of the tissues and builds tension between the joints to cause pain.

5. Bronchiolitis

Bronchiolitis is a common lung infection (viral) prevalent in young children and infants. It is a comparatively serious condition as it results in mucus buildup in the smallest lung air passages. Since it is a communicable disease, people are suggested to take necessary precautionary measures to safeguard their loved ones.

Apart from the above-mentioned illnesses, stomach flu, sinusitis, itchy skin lice, etc. are some of the other ailments that become prevalent in the winter season. Luckily, these can be treated easily with the help of effective pharmaceutical products manufactured by the top pharma companies in India.

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