4 Tips to Relieve Arthritis Pain in Winters

4 Tips to Relieve Arthritis Pain in Winters

Arthritis, also known as joint inflammation, is a common health ailment that affects a large number of people worldwide. It is a term that is typically used to describe nearly 200 conditions that affect the joints, tissues that surround the joint, and other connective tissues.

For instance, osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis which involves the degeneration of a particular cartilage that protects the bone-ends within a joint. The respective loss of cartilage eventually leads to bone-rubbing-bone situation, causing friction followed by swelling and inflammation.

Unfortunately, arthritis condition can get worse in winters as the cold weather aggravates joint pain and muscle stiffness. Medical experts claim that the pain receptors tend to become more sensitive during winters and the drop in atmospheric pressure can result in painful joints. Furthermore, colder conditions can also reduce blood circulation to the fingers and toes that may further amplify the pain.

However, winter arthritis pain can be alleviated and relieved by taking certain measures. Some of them include:

1. Ensure proper clothing

People leveraged to bear arthritis pain are always suggested to keep themselves covered during winters. Health experts believe that keeping the body warm boosts blood flow and flushes out the pain producing chemicals from the body. This also stimulates the skin receptors that improve one’s pain tolerance and relax the muscles to reduce stiffness. Thus, people should wear warm and cosy woollen clothes, prominently covering all the arthritis prone areas including the hands, knees, and legs.

2. Keep yourself hydrated

Medical experts claim that even mild dehydration can make people more sensitive to pain. Thus, it is important to keep your body hydrated at all times. Drinking appropriate amount of water not only helps in alleviating pain but also keeps the body active and fresh.

3. Exercise

People tend to believe in a misconception that exercising can worsen the arthritis pain. On the contrary, health experts and medical professionals suggest that exercising is extremely crucial for people suffering from arthritis pain. They claim that physical activity not only increases strength, flexibility and energy but also helps in easing the pain. Furthermore, exercising also helps in improving various arthritis associated symptoms like joint stiffness and muscle weakness.

4. Maintain Vitamin D levels

Various studies assert that low levels of Vitamin D can make people sensitive to arthritis pain. It is also claimed that the deficiency of Vitamin D can increase the risk of osteoporosis. Thus, people are suggested to maintain their intake of the respective nutrient either by consuming vitamin D rich foods or by taking safe supplements manufactured by the top pharmaceutical companies.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, experts from pharmaceutical industry in India also suggest people to increase their consumption of omega-3 fatty acids as they are highly beneficial in reducing inflammation in the joints.

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